Determines the size of the font. Fired before the current cell changes to a different cell. Loads the control with data from a Variant array or from another FlexGrid control. Returns the height of the selected cell, in twips. Returns or sets whether the user is allowed to resize rows and columns with the mouse. Describes how to change the grid display so that cells with similar contents are merged, creating “grouped” views that highlight relationships in the data. Returns or sets the indentation of the given column, in twips.

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Returns vsflecgrid sets whether a row contains subtotals as opposed to data. This event occurs when a user presses and then releases the button of mouse device over an object.

Vssflexgrid or sets the delay, in seconds, before the AutoSearch buffer is reset. Returns information from a VSFlex archive file. Returns or sets the alignment of text in the selected cell or range. Gets vsflexgrid sets the description of the control used by accessibility client applications.

Sets vsflexgrid outline level for displaying subtotals. Returns the long value associated with an item in the editor’s combo list. Returns or sets the picture used in cell buttons.


Gets vsflexgfid sets a custom image to indicate the column sort direction. Returns or sets 3D vsflexgrid for displaying text in fixed cells.

VSFlexGrid Properties, Events, and Methods

This version has no support for data-binding. Returns or sets the type of outline bar that should vsflexgrid displayed. Returns or sets the border style for the vsflexgrid. Fired after the current cell Row, Col changes to a different cell.

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Returns or sets the width of the font of the selected cell or range. Vstlexgrid section also shows vsflexgrid you can print grids.

Vsflexgrid the left x coordinate of a column relative to the edge of the control, in twips. Returns the height of the control’s client area, in twips. Fired before the user starts resizing a row or column, allows cancel. Adds, extracts, or deletes files from a vsFlexGrid archive file. Removes a row from the control.

ComponentOne VSFlexGrid

Returns or sets whether a row is hidden. MouseIcon Returns or sets a vsflexgrid mouse icon. Returns or sets a value that indicates whether a row has been added, deleted, or modified. Returns or vsflexgtid the size of the font of the selected cell or range. Returns or sets the format used to display numeric values.


This event occurs when the user presses vsflexgrid releases an ANSI key. Returns or sets the foreground color of the selected cells. This event occurs when the user vsflexgrid an object. Returns or sets the color used to draw the grid lines between the non-fixed cells.

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Returns or sets the type of lines to be drawn between non-fixed cells. Vsflexgrid a row to the control. Fired before the user expands or collapses vsflexgrid or more rows in an outline. Returns or sets whether selected cells will be highlighted. Returns or sets the picture to be used for closed outline nodes. Vsflexgriid the Bookmark associated with a given row when the grid is bound to an Vsflexgrid recordset read-only.