Developing will power and self-discipline resemble physical training. It was only a simple sweater; yet, it was difficult for me to decide before seeing all the available options. You will learn to pull your own strings, 8 Copyright? They are indispensable at work andat home, in your private life and in your career. They endow the power to control moods, thoughts, words and actions. If your desires dictate to you what to do, then other people can do the same and control your life.

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His mind and attention 28 Copyright? Begin with the first set of exercise in chapter 4. Each time you reject and refuse to appease any senseless, unimportant and unnecessary desire, you charge the willpower and self discipline remez sasson of your will power and self-discipline.

Why is that so? Remez Sasson rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Too much attachment to people, possessions, circumstances and habits, makes it difficult to make changes and get free from unpleasant situations. Just count calmly the cars and nothing else. Developed will power and self discipline bestow the inner strength to overcome any negative habit.

Burf rated it it was amazing Apr 07, Start a self-improvement program. Copyright applies to all formats, including printed book, ebook formats such as html files, pdf, lit, exe and all other ebook and book formats.


Developing Will Power and Self Discipline article by Remez Sasson

Both of these abilities are required for wnd actions and decisions, and also for making major decisions and attaining major success. Seeing many options only increased the inability to decide. It is better to start with small and not so important actions at first, and gradually increase the number and difficulty of the exercises. Take all the time you need.

Be persistent no matter what. Do not listen to it, persevere in your efforts and success will be yours. You give up what is unhelpful, harmful or unimportant, and gain a great and useful power.

Advice and tips In the next chapter you are going to start with the exercises, which constitute the practical part of this book, but before that I would like to suggest some helpful advice and tips.

Developing Will Power and Self Discipline

It will even try to make you forget the exercises. Real inner power, which is gained by systematic development, is always available, under all times and conditions. Some of the advice may have been already mentioned before, but repetitions are always good. If you stick with your decision, in willpower and self discipline remez sasson of the temptation to change it, you will experience an exhilarating feeling of power and triumph. If right at the beginning you start with exercises that are too difficult you might fail, lose your faith in the exercises and give up.


You must have unwavering faith, and substitute each negative thought with a positive one. You may experience impatience and physical discomfort, nevertheless continue to eat in this way for several minutes.

The human being is full of inner unconscious, or partly conscious, impulses. If you received this eBook for free, please send an email to: Take care not to give in to laziness or procrastination. Related Posts Lack of Self Discipline. They can to be practiced during daily life, each exercise chosen according to the conditions and the circumstances encountered.

They are analogous to physical strength. Make small decisions everyday The majority of the decisions we confront are about the daily affairs of life. Take care of your garden, if you have one. Read the Text Version.