There sites pretend to be DevTeam. Written by admin Thursday, August 21st, It is called QuickPwn. And now WinPwn – iPhone jailbreaker and unlocker for windows is avaliable. The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. Not much new features, mostely bugfixes. Please follow this link to read the complete disclaimer.

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Winpwn, if you are brave enough winpwn give this tool a shot, you could follow this guide. WinPwn developer posted a note, that the new version of WinPwn will be soon. New version will probably support new firmware version 2.

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If you have old iPhone, in addition to that you’ll be able to unlock the device use winpwn any winpwn. Written by admin Monday, September 8th, Winpwn some clever folks over at iUnlocked. Posted in AllSoftware Tagged with 2. Currently QuickPwn requires your device to be running version 2. Posted winpwnn AllSoftware. So let’s summerize a little bit. Written by admin Sunday, August 10th, This is for those that are not planning to restore.


It will also fix the iPod ipswBuilder failure bug. It will be based on XPWN. Written by admin Wednesday, July 30th, Applications that those sites give you might be dangerous for your iPhone.

Some sites ask for donations. The main new feature – it supports firmware 2.

Fixes iPwner Crashing issue and 16xx errors. Winpwn Us Advertise on iPhoneHacks. You can download older software versions here. LimeRa1n supports firmware 4.

WinPwn | The iPhone FAQ

Remember DevTeam don’t do it. Posted in AllFirmwareOfficial Tagged with 2. Written by admin Wednesday, September 17th, WinPwn was winpwb not available at that time. Developer of WinPwn curent version is 2. Leave a comment, read comments [42]. There is only one DevTeam’s site: If you have iPhone winpwn, you’ll be able to install 3-rd party non AppStore applications winpwn separate applications called Cydia and Installer and run these applications.

Written by admin Saturday, August 2nd, That is all, not much details. Written by admin Thursday, August 21st, Winpwn on the comments below, wijpwn appears that the winpwn is winpwn very stable, so I would recommend that you wait for some positive feedback before using it.


However, it was not for the faint hearted, so if you are looking for an easy to use tool to jailbreak, unlock and activate your first generation iPhone or jailbreak iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2. And it runs only on Windows.