Exploring the WinRunner Window. GUI checkpoint result mismatch. Changing Settings for Timeout for Checkpoints. Lesson 10 – Creating Batch Tests. Adding comments into the test script. Parameterization of testing values. Saving the basic test script.

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Lesson 11 – Maintaining Your Test Scripts. Replace the selected value with data. What Script Statements Are Recorded. Using the RapidTest Script Wizard. Exploring the WinRunner Window. Follow the Run wizard instructions.

Stop Recording and Saving Test. Modify the window label with a regular expression 2. Using the Function Generator to Insert Functions. Winrunner 7.0 the window label with a regular expression. Debugging tests on a new version of the application. Starting the RapidTest Script wizard. Review the wiinrunner results of text checkpoint.

Understanding the Testing Process.

Bitmap checkpoints test on a New Version of application. Describe the properties of the font. Adding Bitmap Checkpoints to a Test Script. Understanding the Test Script. Updating tests for newer version winrunner 7.0 the application. Identifying a Synchronization Problem.


Going through the Flight Reservation while recording. Recording a Context Sensitive Test. Bitmap checkpoints test results mismatch 2. Parameterization of testing values. Log in to the Flight Reservation application.

GUI checkpoint result window layout 2. Select global winrunnr options.

HP WinRunner

GUI checkpoint winrunner 7.0 window layout. Insert a bitmap checkpoint that checks your signature. Run the RapidTest Script Wizard on your application. View the results of the called tests. Insert another bitmap checkpoint. Understanding the Testing Process 2.

WinRunner Tutorial

Recording a test in Context Sensitive mode. Recording a test in Context Sensitive mode 2. Reviewing results from a debugging session.