Attention WonderKing Players Our servers shall have aroutine maintenance check today, August 13, at 1: Our servers will be shut down at around 7: Pets act as friends and companions and can perform tasks such as battling with you and picking up your battle spoils. The game would be completely free to play and suits all generations of gamers, both young and old. The realm of Hades, unable to care for the growing swarm of deceased spirits clamoring for eternal rest, was desperate to end this bitter massacre. WonderKing PH has been saved! Direct Download Torrent We do apologize for the short notice, and please do have patience in downloading, as a lot of players are already downloading the client through direct downloads.

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To get more information about the release dates and other tips regarding WonderKing, you may visit their website at http: What if it is an online game?

With wonderking philippines one left to oppose them, the Sinistry of Devils easily infiltrated and seized control of the human world. In addition, the virtual home gives an even extra storage space for their belongings.

Sharpen your swords, skills, and wits as wondrrking face off clans versus clans for glory and honor. To learn more about this exciting wonderking philippines, click here. M A routine check will be made on our servers to ensure stability regarding the recent updates made.


You may now download the game client through these links: Registration Page Please note that we are having a “Tell a Buddy” System wherein you can invite your friends or i-cafe players to sign-up wonderking philippines your name. Cooking – No more potions restock! Check out our new home on Facebook at http: You have successfully charged your WKPH account!

Internet Cafe: WonderKing Philippines starts open beta today (1/2)

Posted by Wonderking at 1: WonderKing delivers a unique gaming experience in manhwa style. Wonderking philippines WonderKing Players Our servers shall have aroutine maintenance check today, August 13, at 1: The characters are in the appearance of super deformed characters with the background rendered in manhwa-style. With WonderKing’s Cooking System, players can brew their favorite concoctions turning common battle wonderking philippines into potion savers.

Fortunately, a famous prophet names Jexius received a vision from God and delivered this hopeful message:. Tags Blacklist 2 compensation 3 event 30 events 12 freebies 11 guides 9 humor 1 Notice 3 press 47 rebate 1 server 11 Updates 80 wonderking Wonderking 5. The administrator has disabled public write access.


WonderKing Philippines starts open beta today 8 years 10 months ago Now, new adventurers are waiting for a Wonder King, which will shed a light upon their darkest days and bring back joy onto the world once wonderking philippines.


Or experienced a full inventory? Thursday, Wonderking philippines 19, Update: Contents [ show ]. WonderKing Philippines starts open beta today. We thank everyone who has supported WonderKing Philippines throughout the last year. The game would be completely free to play and suits all generations of gamers, both young and old.

Please be reminded that we closed down the direct download first to give way for the opening of the servers. The game is a free-to-play MMORPG where players find items in dungeons and quests as well phipippines cash items which are purchased via real world money. There, input the username and password of your mobius account.

NoticeUpdateswonderking. Last post by saniboi Mikrotik hAPlite, Hexlit Last post by ryan Mikrotik Advanced Setup Our answer is… WonderKing Wonderking philippines. Need po to philiplines the new client.