About crashes, recommend removing all freeware video converters, and then reinstalling XMedia Recode 3. Review by parag19 on Jul 6, Version: Jan 3, File size: Reviews by other people – Press the Read reviews button. Maybe the best video converter, with lots of profiles and options. Apr 3, Update of ffmpeg Bug fixes minor bug fixes Version 3.

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I don’t think I like this software any more. Review by xycer on Nov 15, Version: Fixed minor bugs crashed when the AAC codec was used Version 3.

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Will keep an eye on comments. Still best encoder is Avidemux.

Review by Arisophenes on Jun 25, Version: Sorry to say I just happen to run “XMediaRecode Everything I do is in a x mode and I require that constant mode. Softpedia is hosting 3. Is absolutely clean, enjoy!


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Sep 4, Update of ffmpeg Bug fixes: I was interested after seeing its wide varieties of options for reencoding, but the last version I used the last year was terrible; it produced an output that was a clip not the entire xmedia recode horrendous xmediw, and not even in accordance with the specs that I selected. Well, it would be nice if recent updates worked. Current version does not do subtitle copying properly.

Started crashing for me a couple versions back, reporting ffmpeg. I greatly appreciate your diligent and efforts. Again this is for the same test file. Well, it is free. Load into Xmedia Recode 3.

If this works, save the ini. I wish there was a 10bit x option. It seems to take the duration of one of the recide let’s say 11 minutes and force that duration on all other videos even if the other videos are an hour long. Not sure if v3. Oh, and “automatically check for updates” comes enabled by default, FYI XMedia Recode did not recruit the video Bitrate used to encode.


Review by Tesityr on Oct 27, Version: All in all its a decent program for the price. Review by Lex on Sep 11, Xmeria From there it’s very easy to do the conversion I want. Thank you very much. Excuse the xmedia recode in my last post.

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Review by subhash on Oct 14, Version: This version seems to create the desired file size and bitrate. When I go to encode, it gives an error message “incorrect video” or something like that. Color Correction, Deblocking, and Noise filters don’t work on version 2.