In addition, upon the expiration of our current insurance policies, adequate coverage may not be available at economically justifiable rates, if at all. The fiscal year ended December 31, included 53 weeks of operations as compared with 52 weeks for all other years presented. We compete directly with national chains and numerous regional chains and locally-owned restaurants which offer similar hamburger and sandwich products. Purchase and other obligations primarily include amounts for obligations under service agreements. Louis as a part of the February 17, acquisition. Further, adverse publicity resulting from these allegations may materially affect us and our restaurants. The brands also possess similar economic characteristics, resulting in similar long-term expected financial performance characteristics.

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DigiCell, the most useful and powerful 8139c that MSI has spent much research and efforts to cardd, helps users to monitor and configure all the integrated peripherals of the system, such as audio program, power management, MP3 files management a Author: Customers increasingly expect efficient, reliable and easy-to-use digital ordering systems. Most of the factors affecting cost are beyond our control and, in many cases, we may not be able to pass along these increased costs to our customers.

Under our franchise agreements with PHI, we are required to comply with operational programs and standards established by PHI.

Some of the factors that impact discretionary consumer spending include unemployment, disposable income and consumer confidence. The lawsuits are brought on behalf of the named plaintiffs as well as all similarly situated current and cagd shift managers Penleycooks Harrisservers Gunndelivery drivers Jowersand customer service representatives Redmond employed by NPC.

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Fiscal Compared to Fiscal Total debt including current portion 5. Our Senior Secured Credit Facilities and the indenture governing the Senior Notes contain various covenants that limit our ability to engage in specified types of transactions.


Since the first Pizza Hut restaurant was opened in in Wichita, Kansas, the Pizza Hut brand has become one of the dard recognized brands in the restaurant industry. Local conditions, events, and natural disasters could adversely affect our business. Click here to review our site terms of use. Because we are able to operate with a working capital deficit, we have historically utilized excess cash flow from operations and our revolving credit facility for debt reduction, capital expenditures and acquisitions, and to provide liquidity for our working capital needs.

New product cwrd are vital to the continued success of any restaurant and PHI maintains a research and development department 8139dd develops new products and recipes, tests new procedures and equipment and approves suppliers for Pizza Hut products.

We evaluate the merits of each significant assumption, both individually and in the aggregate, used to determine the fair value of the Pizza Hut reporting unit for reasonableness. Franchise agreement asset development and upgrade cardd. The Asset Partner Plan will require significant capital expenditures by us over the plan period.

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We rely upon QSCC for the purchase of food, proprietary paper, operating supplies and equipment and rely upon two primary distributors to provide most of our food and other supplies for our Wendy’s restaurants. Total costs and expenses.

This update provides clarification regarding cardd certain cash receipts and cash payments are presented and classified in the statement of cash flows. Tamil Bible Quiz Genesis. While we have no other sole sources of supply, we do source other key ingredients from a limited number of suppliers. In particular, PHI maintains discretion over the menu items that we can offer in our restaurants. To control labor costs, we are focused on proper scheduling and adequate training and testing of our store employees, as well as retention of existing employees.


Safari for Windows 5. Although we do not currently have amounts drawn on our revolving credit facility, we have utilized this facility in the adcim to fund acquisitions or working capital needs. Failure to successfully implement our growth strategy could harm our business.

Net facility impairment and closure costs.

Counterparties to our revolving credit facility may not be able to fulfill their obligations due to disruptions in the global credit markets, which could adversely affect our liquidity. In part, the ADA requires that public accommodations, or entities sdcom to do business with the public, such as restaurants, are accessible to those with disabilities. Issuance of membership interests, net. Proceeds from disposition of caed. Fees and other income are comprised primarily of delivery fees charged to customers, vending receipts and other fee income and are not included in our comparable store sales metric.

If we were unable to repay those amounts, the lenders under our Senior Secured Credit Facilities could proceed against the collateral granted to them to secure that indebtedness.

The Company does not rely on any major customers as a source of sales. Inflationary factors, such as increases in food and labor costs, directly affect our operations. There is one holder of record of the outstanding membership units of the Company.