Lines should be indented with tabs. Setup the NetWare printing. The DHCP server is disabled by default. Page 13 NetWare Network see below Page Each print server will occupy a user account with which it can log into the NetWare server.

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You have to assign the NetWare server name, print server polling interval and the name of queue on the NetWare server for each printer port. Remote Ports utility Please be aware that Network Ports Quick Setup Utility can only detect and configure all print servers on the same network, it cannot search and configure print servers on other subnets across network segments. Please refer to section 7.

Connect the print server to the printer you want to share on the network. The print server also has a built-in DHCP server.

Setup the NetWare printing. Page 65 Step 6: Don’t show me this message again. Setup Wizard Setup Wizard 8. NetWare Network Chapter 6. This information will be displayed in the SNMP management tool. Select the Printer P-01u that is attached to the Print Server.



Page 64 Step 4: Please reboot the print server to let these settings take effect. Hardware Installation Hardware Installation 1. In order to use the remote printing function, you will have to proceed with normal Add Printer procedure and select your printer port as the newly added remote p-01u port.

It is needless to do any setting. Server Name, the name of the print server. Print Server Name, the airlife of the print server.

Choose to print the test page or not. Lines should be indented with tabs. The Print Server is installed completely.

AirLive P-201U User Manual

Login Execute the Telnet client tool and connect to the print server IP. AppleTalk is a data communication protocol often used by Macintoshes.

Setup The Print Server Double click one of the icons to set up the selected print server.

You can see basic print server information in this page. It also lists DHCP server setting. You can print a file to check whether the Print Server is installed successfully. Page Printer Address: You also have to make sure that any gateway; Polling Time is the polling interval of the print server for waiting printing jobs on the NetWare server.


Page 98 of the URL is http: Telnet Management Introduction Print server can be configured and managed by Telnet. You must use Remote Ports Utility described in the next section to manage remote across network segments print servers. Select Print Server Configuration. Page 40 Press the Airlivee key to add a new NetWare print server object.