More is always better. This card mostly works with the latest drivers as of tested using mythbuntu 2. It is designed to transform a personal computer into a high-end audio video entertainment system, supporting external video streams and worldwide HD broadcast streams. It is really a big breakthrough in digital terrestrial tuner cards. Run Windows Update — Make sure you have all the updates you need. The tuner works with Mythbuntu 9.

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Remote and Infra-red-receiver included v4l-dvb needs a patch to properly work Works on Ubuntu 6. Please refer to your hardware documentation to determine which version of the receiver you will need.

Hard Disk with min. In Australia, this card appears to have been superseded by the DTV S which uses a different chipset and apparently is not supported.

Set TechniSat Airstar HD5000 PCI USB Tuner Base Video Recorder

There are much kind of TV tuner cards available in the market. Typically presented in the form of an Electronic Program Guide.

For DVB and experimental support, see hereand maybe here. Here are some main features offering dvg TBS official website.

The advent of high-speed bi-directional consumer broadband networks means that that there is increasing demand to. This effort not to address streams as channels was directed toward this purpose; without middleware there are no channels, just streams.


Spec Link to OEM. Think of it airstzr way: This page has been accessedtimes. It’s located in the path below. Cinergy DVB-T [98]. With prices of dual tuners now so low, a dual tuner is the way to go, as it will allow you to airstat one channel, while record another or record two at the same time. Requires ‘modprobe cxdvb’ to enable DVB.

Copy the following files into the directory: The non-PLUS version is completely different. You can use a freeview tuner card on your PC and you can get all the freeview dvbb on PC. Works with patch available at http: This card is not suitable for KnoppMyth R5F27as the aforementioned workaround may be tricky to apply to the distro’s kernel 2.

DVB-T PCI cards – LinuxTVWiki

Can only tune UHF channels: Once selected, the system should auto fill technical details regarding your card, such as type. If you need more technical information on a device, have a look at its specific wiki article.

Make a shortcut in the startup folder to the NewcsGUI. To view it as a channel you need to edit the registry. A windows remote control that signals to an infrared receiver, which can make you hook up to a USB port or something and allow operating WMP on your PC.


Some not watchable as they are scrambled or too weak but a good selection nevertheless. Managed to hack the registry to get ITV HD as per the other reviewer’s instructions, but on this channel the sound only lasted 1 second before cutting out.

With built in CI module, you need open your desktop and insert your subscription card directly. ITV HD is usually a “red button” option and is not actually a channel.

DVB-T Cards

Revision 2 of this card has just been released image. DVB-T card Comes with remote control.

When we connected the TBS xirstar a great freeview HD tuner to a proper aerial on the roof we found an impressive total of 70 TV and radio stations. Digital TV On PC service offers you many types of programs including, sports, educational, discovery channel, geo world TV, shopping channels, hunting, news, movies, music videos and much more.