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Ce peripherique n’a pas de commandes This peripheral has no command googling away Huge thanks to ffado people for working on Dice based firewire cards like Alesis! Extending it to the io26 isn’t probably that hard. I found this blog which is quite old http: If you have such a device and are willing to help us with the details, please contact the development mailing list. I plug my io2 in before I start running jackd, jdessi2. I’ve not got to try svn yet but with any luck I’ll give it a go this weekend.

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Comments There are probably other ways of doing it but this worked for me.


The device still works though, the jackd crash occurs later, with this msg:. Contents Computers with Ubuntu preinstalled How can I find out if my hardware is supported? Select sample rate, buffer size etc Uncheck real-time then press start jack Check that the audio server is running without error messages.

So either we would require an io26 owner to step up and write the driver based on the info they manage to get from Alesis, or someone would need to donate an io26 to one of the core developers so they can develop the driver themselves. How do alesus mean it works out of the box? Do you have to be a Linux expert? I am sure there are wiser heads than me who can tell you other ways to tweak your setup.


Alesis io 2 and NVidia CK Anyone has a idea since last year? Fedora 6, Ubuntu 7.

Wlesis failed with -1 Failed to start server Any more ideas? Also, for a while I had an issue where jackd would only start if the io2 was the only usb device currently plugged in.

Could not align streams All I had to do was edit the.

I only see it in the Qjackctl Midi and Alsa connections panel. What my aim is as far as music is concerned: I know, the Alesis io 2 is not officially supported, but I alesid it already running using Slackware, so it is certainly running with known limitations.

Note that the devices below do not make a complete list of fully supported usb devices by any way.

You can also ask here. If you need to reset your password, click here. Today I successfully played sound with Ubuntu Compile ffado from svn trunk: I tried to check with aleais settings, awwaid – but I get these error messages:. Best Regards, Justin Baro. There is one strange thing: I have an IO2 Express that works quite well.


I started qjackctl and entered alsa as the driver and hw: Thank you very much for your help!

Alsa, Jack, Ardour and Alesis IO 2 soundcard – Linux – Ardour

But would be happy for tips here My IO2 card is Ubuntu compatible and seems to be recognized as prooves aplay -l: Am I on the right track here? I’ve not got to try svn yet but with any luck I’ll give it a go this weekend. Ce peripherique n’a pas de commandes This peripheral has no command googling away I am trying to get 2 soundcards running in my system.

ACK server starting in non-realtime mode control device hw: The basic line is: