Configure Remote Management The Remote Management configuration page sets up the connection to the Connectware Manager remote management server so the Digi device can connect to the server. Contact your network administrator for more information about these settings, and see the online help. If you would like AnywhereUSB Information to be displayed in the discovery window of the configuration utility, you can add the address of the firewall into the Discovery List. Restoring the AnywhereUSB to its factory default settings clears all current configuration settings. Due to the limited available power for bus-powered hubs, cascading two bus-powered hubs is an illegal topology, and devices connected to the second hub will not function. Customer Support If you need assistance, contact technical support: Using the restore operation from the web interface is the best way to reset the configuration.

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If disabled, SNMP services such as traps and device information are not used. Enables or disables the generation of SNMP traps.

Digi 50001689-01 E AnywhereUSB/2 G2

When enabled, this client device will initiate the connection to the Connectware Manager server. Indeed, up to seven hubs can be connected parallel at any given level.

Restoring the AnywhereUSB to Factory Defaults The device configuration can be reset to factory defaults as needed during the configuration process.

The AnywhereUSB automatically determines anywhereuab/2 type of image being uploaded. This option only applies when the Connectware server is being used to configure and manage the device.


Digi AnywhereUSB 2 Anywhereusb/2 G2 50001689-01 2-port USB Hub

Note that AnywhereUSB devices behind firewalls, as displayed in the discovery window, show the IP anyshereusb/2 of their private network. USB architecture allows a cascaded multiple hub configuration with certain power limitations explained later in this section.

The utility displays a list of all AnywhereUSB devices on your local subnet and on any subnet configured in the Discovery List.

The downstream ports support Low, Full, and High Speed downstream devices. There is also tutorial available on the Home page. The key is located in this location: A device ID consists of three parts: Customer Support If you need assistance, contact technical support: At the bottom of the page are checkboxes for the SNMP traps that can be used: This device description can be useful for identifying a specific AnywhereUSB when working with a large number of devices in multiple locations.

If an interface does not obtain a DNS server, it anywuereusb/2 be skipped and the next server in the priority list will be tried.

RealPort software provides a virtual connection to serial devices, no matter where they reside on the network. Port Profile A port profile allows you to easily configure a serial port based on how you will be using that port. The System Summary section notes all available device-description information.

With the exception of the title of the specific Configuration and Management screens, menus and sub-menus for both models remain the same. USB specifications limit the connection of a bus-powered hub to a self-powered hub or host only.


Digi Smart Solutions is now SmartSense.

The software is installed directly on the host PC and allows applications to talk to devices across a network as though the devices were directly attached to the host.

Note that you can access only one AnywhereUSB through each firewall.

This guide obsoletes Relocating the host PC to a remote location translates to smaller workstations, enabling deployment without a local PC in kiosks, ATMs, restaurant kitchens, manufacturing lines or any hostile or non-secure area where having a local PC is not practical. A server-initiated connection works the opposite way. Connect 29 Command Menu: Enter the appropriate parameters for each profile; descriptions of each profile follow.

There are several port profile choices, but not all port profiles are supported in all products. Quickly release the Reset button then hold it down again.

Digi AnywhereUSB 2 Anywhereusb/2 G2 2-port USB Hub | eBay

If neither server can be contacted, the next server type in the list is tried. As with device configuration and monitoring, it covers performing aynwhereusb/2 tasks through a variety of device interfaces.

For situations that don’t fit into one of the pre-defined port profiles, select the Custom profile option.