I do believe it is beneficial to explain these technologies so that we all can understand why we want ADSL so much. As for the bridge comment – consider the current progression of businesses and their internet connections – that is what I was trying to illustrate – that ADSL could fit between the ISDN and DIGINET market – but the whole old “our international bandwidth is so expensive” argument is what I am trying to get at. In the United States and Canada, and a couple of other countries, we use Tx lines. Communication is becoming more mobile. Being broadband implies that the available pipes in the network is used as efficiently as possible. Joined Aug 6, Messages 3,

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To form a cordless, local network for speech and data. I am not sure if I agree with you here DarkHelmet. Joined Aug 5, Messages 5.

Specifically applying to all software, folders, data and their content isxn for download by the swissinfo. The company I work for has only about 15 people and can afford only two T1 lines. For 64k you need to make one connection to your ISP point of presence, for k you need to make 2, thus doubling your cost. Small business computers not the Microsoft definition of 50 or less PC’s I do not think the ADSL offering is overpriced – comparing it to international pricing it could be argued that it is, but remember where we are.


How fast is a T1 line? That gives it a combined bandwidth of 1. Joined Jul 30, Messages The speeds on this connection can vary for 9.

What bugs me is that E1 lines is a very old technology, starting from the 50s. Click asscom to see more newsletters. In North America and Japan, all lines are 64 kbps. This makes speech and data transmission possible at a distance of up to meters, also in digital form.

Swiss firm pioneers Internet access using electricity supply – SWI

On the competition side, I also agree with you Joined Aug 6, Messages The flexibility will probably be most appreciated by people who have set up their workplace in a roomy factory site or in a trendy loft.

As for the reliability, when you buy into Diginet or any “guaranteed” bandwidth system you’re buying into that guarantee. The Bern-based Ascom group says it has moved a step closer towards connecting people to the Internet through the electricity supply.

There is a big difference here.

Phone ASCOM Crystal ISDN Telephone 90 | eBay

This means isrn a dedicated kbps international link will cost you R for the bandwidth only! Tuesday January 09, That is called in-band signaling. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


That explains the high cost of Diginet. For years there were development to provide more bandwidth to the subscriber through clever modulation techniques.

All it is really is part of a trunk line right? A J1 line is virtually the same thing.


I want ADSL, you are not supposed to be able to host a webserver on your ADSL line – the service limits this by disconnecting you every 24 hours and assigning you a new IP address supposedly.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search midem posts. Well, from what I understand from their web site is that what you call Diginet is part of a trunk line, which is the same as an E1 in your asvom. For example, an OC is OC1 lines, or 9, This time can be for various reasons, including the time it takes for a webserver to respond and the time the user spends reading a document.

All other OCx lines are direct multiples of OC1 lines.

Well I know some one who work at Saix. All other rights remain the property of swissinfo.