The laptop has felt surprisingly cool throughout my use. The only area that significantly warms up is the upper-right corner on the underside. It can feel crowded with all the things connected to the laptop. Notebook Pc Information About This User’s Manual Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Fire and more Work, play and everything in between, it’s all better on a bigger screen with great tools to boost your experience. They are just average laptop speakers.

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Asus F3Jc Review

The cooling vents are located at the left of the laptop next to the DVD burner and at the top right corner near the USB ports. Personally I tried this feature but found no real practical use for it, so uninstalled it.

Power State Summary As you may have noticed, those green letters are Cyrillic Russian letters. Files copy and program installation is normal and occurs at decent speeds.


Asus F3Jc Review

The mouse is very good for travel. The screen is very bright and the viewing angle of the screen is fine too.

Service And Support I play Battlefield 2 on this laptop with good response time. Fcc Radio Frequency Interference Requirements Using Ac Power Touchpad And Buttons Memory Max Supported Size. Introducing The Notebook Pc Notebook Pc Information It is pretty much packed when I put in my mouse, Ethernet cable, battery charger and a book novel.

I wish it was 2. As for the volume, the volume of the speakers is fine.

Ce Mark Warning Also, the Fn and Ctrl keys are where they should be on a notebook — Ctrl in the lower-left corner and Fn right next to it. Keyboard As A Numeric Keypad These load times quoted above were taken after I installed all the software I usually use, so it should be faster when you have your first startup.

It is also ridiculously expensive. It does have some weaker points, such as noise and infrequent minor technical glitches, but otherwise well worth the buy. I will name the function keys in order from left to right: Shown without the battery.


Unfortunately, the nearest official one is in Moscow, Russia and the process of shipping and other related things could take as much as a month. It seems that a lot wrieless F3J series users have had seriies same problem.

The texture is smooth and comfortable.

Asus F3J Manuals

It takes about another 35 seconds to load and finish most background and startup software. I spent nearly two months trying to find a perfect laptop for myself.

Windows Vista Premium Ready. They are just average laptop speakers. All the pre-installed software is useful in my opinion.

This should be a non-issue once one gets used to it.