Please be sure to attach each file as a separate attachment. I’m glad that i could have helped. Thanks again and we appreciate your help and feedback. This bug affects 2 people. But that’s not the real solution To test this on your system first, you can press Esc at GRUB prompt during the boot up, and to add parameter to kernel line as shown above.

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X-Daemon x-daemon wrote on I’m in the same boat. Ok, so the problem persist with current Hardy and acpi version 0.

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This is for 8. The Ubuntu Kernel Team is planning to move to the 2.

I had more than 3 hours fight in Kramic with the wifi driver before this, and he wins: Thanks again, we really appreicate your help and feedback. Keep the Charger Clean which helps long life Keeping it in running shape — Use your laptop charger regularly, or try to asu it as much as possible. Jakub Nietrzeba gluth wrote on Asus F5N, shutdown worked with 8. I’ve tried to understand the source of the problem Shutting down X and unloading nVidia and snd-hda-intel drivers does not help.



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Any ideas what is wrong there? It’s not see xev.

Media button – can be configured with GNOME keyboard shortcuts it’s just that acpi-fakekey generates wrong keycode for this one Asus4Power – gnome-terminal Internet – default web browser Asus Life Frame – either cheese or camorama should be put in package dependencies so that webcam application gets installed on a laptop that has web camera built-in Asus Splendid Utility – nVidia profiles requires nvidia-glx-new package to be installed Asus Power4Phone – Ekiga Other keys are working out of the box with regular acpid daemon and therefore need not to be configured.

Now, With the media key I get: At last, four years down the road, the kernels 3. The Ubuntu kernel team has started providing upstream kernel builds for testing – https: Related bugS to being unable to restart: See full activity log.

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Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on Have to report it as a new bug. Thanks for testing Jaunty Beta. Today i update kernel to 2. I noticed that even if I stop acpid the hot keys still work. Please be sure to attach each file as a separate attachment.


I confirm this bug on Hardy 8. Changed in linux Ubuntu: All those issues affect Hardy Alpha 6 pretty f5n-ap22, as it uses the same asus-laptop kernel module and scripts. Changed in linux Ubuntu: F5N model detected 3.

You could also use it as a secondary notebook adapter allowing you to run and charge your laptop at work or elsewhere without having the main AC adapter with you all the time. Thank you reporting this bug. No more quirks to be applied. Watch out for a typo: Now unplug Ethernet cable – you are now connected to wireless but wled is off.