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Due to hardware typical for netbooks , i. Although it gets warmer on the bottom side, it stays with Using the Eee Storage is very simple. Only in the interludes the frame rate fell to 15 fps. The economical Windows XP serves as operating system.

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The Asus Eee S achieved a runtime of minutesthat is nearly 5 hours, in BatteryEater Readers, representing the maximum battery life to be expected. Although this harmonizes well with the look of the Eee S and really looks good in daylight, it harbours an inconspicious danger. The other interfaces, e. Don’t expect too much performance. However, it gets a little bit critical for the display brightness. On the one hand the brightness of the screen is too low to also illuminate the keyboard, on the other had this netbook does, not much to our surprise, not have a separate keyboard light.

In general this location seems to be perfrectly alright. A simple rule of thumb: Because of its attracting look, it might probably fly out the shelves in superstores, where customers can no longer resist its charm. With the current design Asus is right on the target.

The integrated loudspeakers are fit for window’s system sounds at best. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.


A special feature is the Eee Storage, an on-line storage space, where you can store your data.

Latest ASUS-JM S41 SSD ATA Device Driver download for Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP

The advantage of this solution is that you can switch cards as well as substitute the provided one with a higher capacity card in the future. Also the viewing angle stability does not belong to the advantages of this screen.

However, if you frequently need to substitute different memory cards, e. According mass storage Asus comes up with an interesting gadget. Located at the front edge of the case, these two speakers radiate their sound waves towards the desk. The thinner, but still stabler base unit as well as the successful use of high-quality materials are favourable.


In contrary to other LED displays, which often offer a good display brightness, this one did unfortunately disappoint in this aspect.

The intrasystem mass storage device is a 16 GB solid state drive.

Often the question arises, whether netbooks are completely unable to run games or whether games are probably still possible. In the file manager it is represented in a similar way than storage devices, which you can copy data to. When we tested the demo on a resolution of x pixel, we recorded szd passable fps. Asus equips the Eee PC S with a The Eee S does not have any problem caused by a case getting warmer.



PassMark – ASUS-JM S41 SSD – Price performance comparison

In addition the SD card reader is populated with a 16 GB memory card. Regarding mass storage Asus came up with an interesting solution, which cannot unconditionally be recommended. The built-in screen of the S really disappointed us.

Because of the keyboard’s size touch typing is absolutely possible.

While the screen of the H is rather bright For now this service should stay free of charge, but Asus reserves the right to charge after the deadlines. However, don’t expect too much regarding performance of the provided data media.

From the same manufacturer: Except of the lid in high-gloss look, especially the used materials ensure haptic experiences. The jk of the speakers can be called very thin and nearly reverberant.

Due to hardware typical for netbooksi.