Well worth a look for anyone who finds themselves reading this thread. SP2, hotpatches, special drivers, and even make your install unattended where it will completely install without having to answer a bunch of stupid questions. But it looks like the voltage settings for my CPU are wrong. Home My Youtube Channel About. In this case with the Asus P5QL Pro , the network card was not recognized by the Linux distribution I normally use for my server CentOS , and after having spend a reasonable time using Google trying to find out what was going on — I successfully figured out:. So I decided to go with an Intel motherboard.

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February 8th, 2. After searching the Internet, I found this article: I added to reduce disk activity to seconds vm. But running amixer in console does not yield any sound devices. But I still was not able to use the sound control within the Gnome session. Reply to this comment. I suspect I’ll have to repeat the steps above in the event of a Hardy kernel upgrade in the future. I guess P5Q Pro will work just fine with Ubuntu. IgnorantGuru had good luck with getting it to work with Ubuntu.

Results 1 to 4 of 4. I’m planning on moving my old 2. I always seem to screw up my first install of an OS, and have to repeat the process.



Asud electricity is also an issue. Nevertheless, I’ve had no issues using the drive in AHCI mode I didn’t upgrade the firmware, but I can’t tell you what the firmware of my drive is – where to look?

Answer the questions, accept the license etc, and make sure you choose yes to the autoconfig option.

Suspend and hibernate appear to work normally in minimal tests. Further research indicated there might be a problem with P45 chipset support under Linux, and especially the Asus P5Q line of mobos. What’s the first rule of troubleshooting? Assu “nvidia” Busid “PCI: My experince maybe because I used the Hardy release 8. March 3, at 8: But having experienced the ubiquitous cooling issues of 2.

After further research, I realized that the user I logged in as does not belong to the group audio note, this is due to the fact audio was not recognized during installation. Any idea what I should set it to it’s an intel E and the p5l list the range as 0.

Well worth a look for anyone who finds themselves reading this thread. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Linux & Asus P5QL Pro – Casper’s Life

auss Indeed, after reading IgnorantGuru ‘s alternate – and informed – opinion please ignore my comments about washers and go with his advice. I’ve had none of the stuttering reported with slower SSD drives this drive has a 64MB cache which helps with that. And sudo lshw -C sound shows that I have the following:. Ethernet Driver Asus supplies a linux driver via module source code for the Atheros adapter on their website. Windows XP system on the conventional drive.


Until the driver in the kernel is updated, I can only see one solution — have two network cards. Nosing around on the ‘net I discovered there’s a method called slipstreaming whereby one can make an install CD of WinXP and include a number of items such linx The result of a poorly grounded MB will be a system vulnerable linus EM noise and spikes both from it’s own components peo well as power fluctuations and outside EMwhich can corrupt buses and memory, and even cause premature failure eg mysterious hangs, crashes, and component failures.

I always keep partition backups so I’m not that concerned with failure. My parts have not arrived as yet, but I will report back in the coming weeks on how this build goes.