By the way, the Asus Live driver now includes the V and V boards. If you have any suggestion, just send me a mail marked Cable Decoder. Cable Decoder is a program written by me, Marcus Gustafsson, that allows you to decode scrambled cable TV. Here’s a snapshot of the board:. MS Windows 98 Build 4. K 3 x MHz. But you can also just execute the file Asetup.

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Installation of the card is very straight-forward like many other cards and is well documented in the manual. I also written a FAQplease read it.

Note that this Gamma control adjusts the Gamma for all modes, regardless of colour-depth, resolution, 2D or 3D. Started some experimenting with getting the pixel data, so far it goes well. Selecting the menu bar fixes the problem. Other features on the board are 2 feature connectors, the small Flash-Bios and spare space for the video decoder that provides TV-out and Video-in functions.

ASUS V, Win – Asus Live finds capture driver! ((

There is a lot a things left to do. It didn’t meet the market’s expectation due to the initial hype but it’s still the fastest chipset available.

It can output to TV with a desktop resolution of x or x A bit high CPU usage but in capture mode the updating problems are magically gone. The monitor tab gives users some control of the image position and size through software, as well as the important refresh-rate settings.


By the way, the Asus Live driver now includes the V and V boards.

This a bug fix release for people getting “No capture device found! Prior to the TNT’s release, it was over-hyped that it’s core clock speed will run at MHz with amazing fill-rate numbers but the fabrication plant that manufactured nVidia’s chipset was unable to move to the 0.

Last updated November 25, Using a P2 system of the same speed, you’ll see much higher performance. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. The experimenting also made it possible for a screen shot, see below. MS Windows 98 Build 4. For the Bios, Asus has on their website, 2 versions of the Bios. Price is not very tempting enough. Since my cable TV vv3400 has stopped to sending the pay channels on the analogue net, it is no point for me to continue developing Cable Decoder.

The 3D quality looks great as any Asuss will show.

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From the results, a super-7 system owner is better off buying a Banshee based card unless one is buying a video-card to keep for sometime to come, in which the more powerful TNT can be better utilised when the super-7 owner upgrades later on.


This is fixes the “CaptureGraphBuilder failed! Added a link section below. Coupled to the fact that it’s core was very advanced, nVidia had to settle for v300 normal 0.

It allows you to lock and unlock the vertical sync and adjust the contrast, saturation, brightness and hue. Other changes consists of: The manual itself is slim and is of the normal Asus standard. Since they are newer than most established brands in the video-card arena, they have priced their video-cards at fairly good axus.

Asus v drivers? – VideoHelp Forum

ASUS, an extremely well known manufacturer for it’s motherboards due to it’s history of well-built motherboards, good features and fairly high prices. Asus has many video-card models covering numerous chipsets and many come with multiple configurations, e. No part of the above is to be reproduced, copied or modified without the permission of the WebMaster. Information and test reports wanted.