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Starting from a full install and the stripping unnecessary stuff will take a bigger effort. In Other Languages Translations of this page? Here however, that no longer holds true. View LQ Wiki Contributions. If the interface is already up or does not yet exist perhaps because the kernel driver is not loaded yet , do nothing.

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If you are using a cross compiler to target non x86 hardware make sure you have set it up to right: Ideal para quem busca auto-ajuda.

Now that you’ve done the configuration maybe next time you want to start the AP you want to do it surely more efficiently. There is a number of machines that are officially supported from the ARM port and a god deal of community supported efforts for the platforms that are not officially supported. Thanks, for your detailed information. I configure my wireless this way using wpa, hope it help you. We won’t cover everything here, but should give you a solid foundation to get up and running quickly.

The freq and channel arguments control basically the same thing. They are packages for specific kernels. All seemed fine but when I finally switched to the Pi I started getting plagued with unstable internet connection.

Index of /~alien/slackbuilds/madwifi

People who want to create something other than a user station, for instance a real Access Point master mode will want to read this Wiki documentation. It should then be possible to restart rc. Ignore the part that writes stuff to athero what was going on … I’m not udev expert. If this fails you slaackware got an old version of hostapd that does not support nl of your kernel lacks the necessary options for supporting nl Supposing that you want to assign ip addresses belonging to You can configure your card in either one, or both of the configuration files, but the settings in rc.


We need to modify rc. Configuring it is something you should look into to suit best your networking needs athegos let’s just look at some of the most common tings.

– madwifi-driver

After a few headaches I found that best association success is achieved by forcing setup for hidden AP even if the AP I’m configuring has not the hidden essid. SlackDocs Request an account.

I used to devote 2 usb dongle for this: In the terminal client, the same options can be reached by highlighting the ESSID you wish to use and pressing the right arrow key, which opens a configuration page for that network. When you start doing your own stuff you may run into problems that are hard to debug because the cause is pretty much unexpected.

Athros not going to miss my old low end AP, are you? People who want to use the old version of the madwifi driver can find a package here.


You have set up an AP with entry level security and the most common options available in the low end appliances but you have gained:.

Having a problem logging in?

You should never have to use this wifi0 network device. If your router is exposed to internet you might want to consider some sort of file integrity tool that would alert you if files have been tampered with.

Setting up a WiFi Access Point on your Slackware Box

I fiddled endlessly with the peer setup without any improvement. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. During all my tests on both RPi and RPi2 I had never run into issues and nothing had changed that had not been previously tested, what on earth was going on?

Be warned that in order to get WPA working with the “old” driver, I needed fairly old madwifi snapshots. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. MS Host Controller rev 80 Reducing DHCP timeout to 10 seconds.