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A pleasantly breathy mellow sound that surrounds individual performers with a realistic measure of air which undermines artificial outline emphasis to create exemplary plasticity instead. Brilliant microdynamics whose fluid smooth presentation also means that one or the other transient impact is rendered with less energetic propulsion than might be maximally possible. The drivers work with these softwares: The DAC8 has no user-adjustable digital filter; ARC picked the filter they thought sounded best and hardwired it into the circuit. Details of all sorts — harmonic, dynamic, vocal — abounded. Voices were a bit more smeared together in the soundstage, with less depth than the DAC8. Plymouth, MN Phone:

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Particularly nuanced listeners with transparent quality amplification reseafch speakers will appreciate how precise and accurate yet simultaneously mild and unforced this DAC goes about its job. Three years parts and labor to original purchaser.

This review first appeared in the December issue of hi-end hifi magazine fairaudio. River Media Center, and possibly others.

Audio Research DAC8 Upgrade | Hi-Fi | News | AVHub

Which one was right? Audience Au24 e unbalanced interconnects connected the DAC8 to my line stage. Dynamic, forceful, immediate, and possessing remarkable resolution and transparency, the DAC8 is a sonic knockout that is worthy of the finest music systems.

Above the buttons is a display window with indicator lights for the Power, Mute, and Invert functions. The DAC8 eschews a conventional display to confirm the sample rate and selected input via glowing diodes.


The DAC8 is a fully balanced, zero-feedback, solid-state design utilizing a direct-coupled FET output stage with generous regulated power supplies and seven stages of regulation. To the right of the indicator lights, more lights show which input is selected and the sampling frequency being received through that input. Against Cosmetics are functional rather than luxurious. And that’s not merely by way of real advances in affordable loudspeakers.

Plymouth, MN Phone: I rather feel that change has been spread wide. As always, in matters of amplification and transducers adequate playmates are required to fully mine the extra tariff of this machine and appreciate its justification.

Audio Research DAC8 Upgrade

I fancied that the USB input may have sounded a smidgen cleaner and more researrch, but that was right at the threshold of perception. Not so the ARC. Sample Rate measuring function: There was no way to miss or ignore the warning notice stuck to the top of the DAC8: ARC claims it works with most music-player software, and it certainly did with foobar Rather, the DAC 8 keeps it all in perspective, auido edge definition and the harmonic information that follows being retained in proportion.

Vade Forrester vadef soundstagenetwork. This kind of presentation is less impressive on a short demonstration, but is essential to a convincing sound.


SoundStage! Hi-Fi | – Audio Research DAC8 Digital-to-Analog Converter

More air, extension, low-level detail. Have we arrived at cloudless sunshine with this Minnesotan then? The overriding sense of refinement never goes as far as rounding off the attack, or spoiling leading edge definition. What do you need to play those high-resolution files?

Latest The SoundStage! In USB mode the remote can also control an associated media player—J.

The past four decades have shown that Audio Research is capable of turning out fine products on a consistent basis. When the time base of any DAC is not an integer multiple of the digital music sample rate, decoding and quantization errors occur.

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The DAC 8 is decently equipped but breaks little new ground when it comes to features. I cued up For the Angel, Israfel on both computer and Auraliti and listened closely.

It also has an analog input for tuners or phono preamps, and an analog volume control.