Rated 3 out of 5 by Ronsmusic from Multi modal audio wireless transfer The system was purchased to transfer audio to outdoor speaker setup from different music sources. Computer to Main Audio System Connect the sender into the USB port on your computer and the receiver to the analog input on your audio system. It was very easy to set up following the direction. Like all Audioengine products, the W3 just works! TI developed this for USB wireless as a system on a chip solution. When you get the W3 package, the two units are paired.

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Range ‘ 30 m Wireless Standard The spec from Audioengine quotes it as less than 20 milliseconds. Rated 4 out of 5 by Music lover from Hear your computer in hi fi! No interference problems, even in the audioenbine RFI soup of a large apartment complex. After some effort, and following suggestions from Audioengine support, I got it to perform flawlessly, with no dropouts over hours of testing.

Unlike a lot of wireless audio transmitters, the team at Audioengine put a lot of work into making sure that the audio quality is as good as possible. The wireless solution they chose uses the Texas Instruments PurePath.

This happens with the two Macs sitting side-by-side under identical conditions. ajdioengine

Also the quality of the power supply and its fit to the transmitter and receiver is poor. Transmits up to three receivers Port your signal from one to three receivers for an entire home audio experience.


The product itself is nice and small. Installation was totally painless. Audioenginw Setup Experience the ease of pairing within seconds without downloading a thing.

Audioengine W3 wireless audio adapter makes any system wireless | What Hi-Fi?

This actually turns out to be a good thing in the sense that the dongles will typically plug into the back of a component and will be hanging down, so being constructed of audioengkne plastic helps reduce any stress on the inputs.

I needed this product to stream audio from my projector to my stereo.

Plus, it supports the ability to broadcast to multiple receivers with no reduction in audio quality. That worked fine, but CD-quality files sounded better, and the W3 was good enough to reveal the improvement.

Key Features Easy setup that connects in seconds Works with Mac and PC – or without a computer Plug-and-play with no software or network setup Typical range is approximately ft 30 m Plays all music formats auudioengine any player Multi-zone Broadcast mode. There was a good sense of air and space audioengnie those were present on the recordings. Audioengine began as a manufacturer of professional and consumer electronic products for other companies. And has been dependable.

W3 Wireless Audio Adapter Review

Of course, this audjoengine work with any powered speakers. This one will require one more cable. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The device affords CD-quality stereo playback. The soundbar and the outdoor system played the same music simultaneously. Plug and play, works perfect right out of the box. The Sender is a bit USB-powered component with wireless output.


Still it does mostly what it promises.

Audioengine W3 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter W3 B&H Photo Video

The W3 kit is a package of a sender, receiver, and power supply. They have authorized me to return the W3 for testing and possible repair or replacement. Even in the apartment building, surrounded by many wireless Internet networks, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, and who knows what else, I never had qudioengine interference problems. It malfunctioned at first, but I contacted the manufacturer, and they sent out useful instructions to correct the problem. My outdoor speaker setup and family-room TV soundbar are perfect examples.

Audioengine supplies some generic cables with stereo mini-jacks and RCA plugs, should you want to connect the Receiver to an AVR or surround processor. There was no flattening of perspective or dulling of the sound, as you hear from MP3s when you compare auidoengine to original CD-resolution versions of the same tracks. The only problem I ran into was when I played high-resolution with sample rates of 88kHz or higher, which produced brief glitches in the sound.