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I used a separate 5V power-supply for the LCD, since the backlight can be a little heavy on the power-consumption, and I do not know how much power the STK can supply. In this part we will connect the LCD module to an Atmega8 microcontroller , then write some code to drive it. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Note that without a reset, you are starting in 4-bit mode, to send 8-bit commands you need to switch back to that mode. Why is the compiled code so big? Sign up using Facebook.

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First of all is the Enable-line, which is used to tell the module to read data from the data-bus or write to it.

Email Required, but never shown. Where do I need to save libraries? If you need to make modifications to such a library to get support for some extra functions, you should be able to find some helpful information in the Links-section at the end of this page.

avr-libc: hdh Source File

Remember Me Lost your password? It uses a slightly modified version of Ron Kreymborg’s lcd16 described aboveand should work on most AVR controllers, when compiled with avrgcc e. Apart from the 4 or 8 data-lines, an additional two or three signals are required. After initialization, an instruction can be sent to the display, in order to move the cursor to a specific position. Notice the initialization diagram in the datasheet starts with bd44780 On”.


The easiest way to get this on windows is through the WinAVR -package, which bundles avrgcc avr-libc and a range of development tools, including an editor and software for device programming.

How do I perform a software reset of the AVR? Here is a picture of an LCD module h44780 some characters, including 8 user-defined ones.

Interfacing a HD44780 Based LCD to an AVR

They have a 2×7 pin connector to the left side of the display when viewed from the front. Why are interrupts re-enabled in hc44780 middle of writing the stack pointer?

Note that without a reset, you are starting in 4-bit mode, to send 8-bit commands you need to switch back to that mode. For hd44870 2×16 char displays I have worked with, the first line has character addresses 0xx8F while the second line has 0xCxCF.


The pins are numbered on the PCB. I will now list the pin-configurations of a few types of diplay modules, which I have been using for various things. The really big displays have two HDcontrollers, and so have two wvr, controlling different parts of the display.

I have also changed the main.


The modules have standard green backlight with black characters. The corresponding hex-codes for the user-defined characters are as follows: Why have “programmed” fuses the bit value 0? Napster 1 4 My updated version of the library and example-program can be downloaded as lcd I’ve also tried to increment the delay time 5 seconds before the init.

We still need to run power to AVCC and this is done with a piece of wire. Macro definitions Part 2: Hd47480 therefore created compat.

hd44780 Character LCD Displays – Part 2

I bought a box of 48 pcs of these 2×16 char LCD modules on eBay. General utilities Non-standard i.

From what I can tell, you can’t software reset, not really. The value of the potentiometer is not very hc44780, but k seems to work well.

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