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This can manifest by slow throughput, if AP is far enough to do not fast rates at 6dBm. Wireless connection start but rate remained the same. I can change iw reg set to BO, US and 00 all three are set with Bolivia’s standards in my new regulatory. I installed in a Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bits and the same problem with my card. Look at screenshot ;o. Comment 54 Stephen So Check if there is any other software related to the driver is listed in programs and features if yes then uninstall it from there or while uninstalling the drivers from device manager check mark the box which says also delete drivers software and then proceed uninstalling 3.

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How To Install The Alfa AWUSU36H USB Adapter In Windows 10

It most likely has a yellow icon indicating a problem. Warning – TX status timeout for entry 15 in queue 2 [ Eightfourone, thanks for this! Can it be because i’m trying with a laptop?

Comment 33 mralexjoin Ge-rt3700 you tried changing the txpower to 33 while you were associated with the AP? I changed the countries values as follows BN: I tried using the TXpower command after putting it in monitor mode on the resulting wlan0mon device but that didn’t work either.


Alfa GE-RT = Alfa AWUSNH ? « Null Byte :: WonderHowTo

Fixes some compiler errors. I’m not sure why your regulatory domain keeps changing.

Now you can easily overwhelm any local AP even more! Comment 55 shiyam There is no need for the utility in Win Using the vendor driver, I get between 10 to 12 MBps. A video walk through is at the bottom of the page.

To my knowledge there is no country which goes higher than 30 at the moment, so I am unable to pump out these last 3dbms. Awks using the rtusb drivers that comes with the kernel, my USB wireless dongle Asus USB-N13 which uses an Ralink chipset gives me a very slow and erratic connection i.

Alfa AWUS036NH (RT3070 usb) driver disabled

I’m a bit curious here. For those interested you are only 35 easy he-rt3070 choice questions away from your very own Amateur Radio license. New link for these files? Your link for the CRDA is not working. Please help me to resolve this.

Still getting an excessively high amount of “Tx excessive retries” and “Invalid misc”. So without further delay, let’s get into how to change that! Comment 12 Emil Lauridsen I tried and bytes on both. Change your directory to the wireless-regdb folder, and in there you will find a file called db.


Warning – TX status timeout for entry 14 in queue 2 [ Also these two seem to be getting logged quite a lot e. Warning – TX status timeout for entry 13 in queue 0 [ This was confirmed with two different routers Netgear and Asus.

ALFA NETWORK: Support Mac OS X ( Sierra ) WiFi USB Model List

I find interesting to note that on Windows with the same router and dongle and same positions, i get a very good and fast 5Ghz connection, but that network ins’t even visible in linux. Comment 15 Stanislaw Gruszka To uninstall the drivers manually from the device manager and reinstall it follow the steps mentioned below. Comment 46 Stanislaw Gruszka Comment 51 Joe When downloading CRDA, you probably will only have one choice of the latest version, ge-tt3070 when downloading the wireless-regdb, you will see they have different extensions: