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Nearly all discs become somewhat less overstable as they wear. This set includes 9 total discs — 3 each of drivers, mid-range, and putters — so there are multiple options when it comes to practice. Discraft Vulture – Z Big. I need me another one of those. You may have had a bad experience with their customer service or pricing, but I don’t think anyone can honestly say that Distcraft does not manufacture a quality product. Discraft Undertaker – Z Big. Another plus — the price tag.

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You’ve come to the right place. Discradt you want to dive in even deeper, take a look at our flight charts to see the entire lineup of Discraft golf discs. The result is a disc golf….

Best Disc Golf Discs: 5 Starter Sets for Beginners 2018

Thrasher – Understable to very understable depending on your power. Discraft Buzzz – Z – Ice Bowl Discraft Xpress – X. Either would do though. Personally, I think you would be crazy to open an actual shop, unless your rent is basically zero dollars. I call Lat64 besf Glidemeisters” because they specialise in discs which have very high, and very low glide.


Top 15 Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Discraft Crank SS disraft Titanium. Those discs are just good. If I could give a beginner one disc that wasn’t a mid, it would be a zombee, which is in between a mid and fairway.

This disc golf driver is very fast but not flippy. Ive only had it flip over on me maybe once, and thats into a headwind. It has become one of the most popular discs of all time.

It has quickly become one of the most ciscraft discs of all time.

Discraft Beginner Discs

Honestly there’s not much I can’t do with these 3 discs. The Discraft Elite Z Xpress is an extra long range stable fairway driver 0. This makes it even more beginner at medium to slower speeds while d….

The rule of thumb is: Discraft Stratus – X. The Discraft Titanium Mantis is a slightly overstable maximum distance driver 0. Discraft Cyclone – Pro D. Diiscraft, Switch, Servo, etc.

The River is a high-glide disc no golfer should be without, and the Hatchet is similarly indispensable. Discraft Glide – Z. By now, you most likely have tried the game at least a few times, and have arrived at this page in search of some pointers on how to begin building your arsenal of discs. The medium rim provides more control and…. Discraft Xpress – Z.


Pro Tips – Top 15 Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Discraft Heat – Z. It has won more world championships than all putters combined.

The Signal is a great disc for new players due to its low-speed, and its extreme understable nature. The result is a disc gol….

The Discraft Big Z Vulture is a moderately overstable 1. Give one a try. More advanced players will notice it has a high glide and turn making it a great disc for sneaking around obstacles and manipulating the flight pattern. Discraft Heat – Z Big.