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It also seems to interact with the overall gain structure somewhat. Aug 2, 1. The original version was actually run off 18 volts, with even more headroom. How do I power all of my pedals? Please use the search bar before you start another thread, and try to be detailed when asking a question.

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Aug 2, Yes, my password is: Gear posts not about pedals do not belong here – please check below for a list of related gear subs. Shooting for a Mid to blacm September release.

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No matter what gain setting, I was still hearing each string. Even with the gain and volume up, pretty much all the noise I was hearing was from my single-coils. This subreddit is night mode compatible. Very nice, tight fuzz. Search Media New Media. It’ll drive the front of an amp, or smooth out whatever dirt you put into it, and the Ocerdriver gives a lot of flexibility. So, got to do a bit of playing with it last night.


Spoke with Mark a bit about stacking capabilities, particularly when driving a Pharaoh, sounds promising to say the least. It is based on the overdricer Colorsound Overdriver circuit, with a few tweeks of course. Blac, 2, 4. The originals were designed to slam the front of a tube amp, without coloring the tone. Gr8Scott Graphics posted some pics of the artwork he did for the pedal. Rolling back the volume on my guitar cleans it up a good deal. Sorry if overeriver came off as overly OCD; no hate intended!

Try uploading good quality photos i. No, create an account now.

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ToeAug 3, With the gain at noon or kverdriver, it adds some subtle hair that to my ears reminds me of the clean tones from a lot of classic rock of the 60s and 70s. New Pedal Day What’s in the Altoid tins? I’ve got a little Fender Mustang I, that I brought in, and set up with a Vox tone, nice and chimey, with a lot of headroom, like the Bugera V22 I normally use, then plugged in the headphones to avoid wife retribution.


And the artwork, WOW! Looks like Wino is giving the prototype a run thru at the moment.

The BAT webpage doesn’t seem to have a direct link or anything. Tends to be the case with B. This one, from what I’ve been able to track down the on the circuit, is basically a series of capacitors, of different values that if I’m understanding it right sculpt the input frequencies.

You can read about it here. Holy SchnikesAug 2, AceBSpankinAug 2, Log in or sign up in seconds. What are the best pedals?

Aug 2, 7. Hmmm, a celebrity test pilot u say Is it Moxy Crimefighter?