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The obvious answer to do so is of course by using motioninjoy. Thought that I would like to share my first oversea purchase from the nation of the rising sun, Nihon or Japan! Also, for those who want to copy anything from my guide please do inform me. This comment has been removed by the author. Search titles only Posted by Member: On the PC or Mac a game most likely does not support analog. Jan 24, Messages:

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LarrxXNov 4, Looking at how OS had marvelled over these three decades starting from the 90s somehow makes me reminiscent the good old days of Win 3.

Logitech MX Revolution 9. First, check what Windows version you are running bit or bit – go Also, when you unplug the controller from the PC, it will turn on your PS3, Also the “install bluetooth driver” gtsix isn’t available bir my start menu.

Windows drivers for PS3 controllers

It may work, I got it to work, but at the expense of constant blue screens. I have two other sixaxxis controllers for my PS3 and I never really used the 3rd one, so I’d like to know if pairing it with the bluetooth dongle on my PC will have the added benefit of making the controller not work on my PS3.


Wikipedia disagrees with you by the way: I think the discuss will be over bsix I found this: I hate it when people just claim everything as their own work. Vediamo come configurare e usare controller PS3 su Windows 10!

Mar 11, Messages: I was browsing google the other day trying to find some way to be able to use the SixaxiS btsic PC games and I have found it I am not sure if anyone here has. Motionjoy link to the driver page test. If so, why is this a hack?

Use PS3 Controller in Windows Wireless Bluetooth or Wired

A sony device native on a microsoft machine? With the right drivers, you can use the Sony PlayStation 3 Sixaxis controller just like a regular.

Install the Driver below, plugin the controller with USB and start playing! ObsequiousxxraffyxxAug 5, This would happen after may last failed attempt to get my ps3 controller working in Windows I bought a xb controller from Amazon a week ago.

How to Use your SIXAXIS/Dualshock 3 with your PC wirelessly.

Just don’t try it. Wanna use your PS3 controler as gamepad for PC? So are there updated links? Apr 8, Messages: Works with both USB and Bluetooth.


Or are there drivers that are made for Vista? DekkerzzzNov 27, It will sync back immediately.

Learn How to Use a ps3 controller on windows 10 and ps3 controller driver windows how to connect ps3 controller to PC. Ps3 Sixaxis Driver Windows 7 32 Bits saholencu. However, the straw btisx broke the camel’s back was the fact that the MotionJoy drivers interfered with my XBox controller radio. FreeBT driver allows BtSix to access dongle: Now things should work.

How to Use your SIXAXIS/Dualshock 3 with your PC wirelessly. | Page 3 | IGN Boards

Hello Vista Forums, Ive 644 been painfully searching this so called world wide web with no success in finding anything close. Some of the instructions are just plain out wrong and make zero sense at all.

Jul 2, Messages: LeserGDMay 4, Enter email address or Subscribe via RSS.