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The estimator uses only distances between the points and not the coordinates and does not require any assumption on the functional form of the probability distribution. A smooth projective variety defined over a number field has its associated Hasse-Weil zeta function which encodes all of its arithmetic information. Jamming is a collective phenomenon. Quantum Control on an Atom Chip Speaker: Equipped with these Price type inequalities, I then study the asymptotic behavior of Betti numbers along infinite towers of regular coverings.

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The study of partial differential equation with nonlocal features is an extremely active area of research in analysis, with strong ties to other parts of mathematics, like differential geometry and probability theory, and with motivations in the most diverse scientific contexts: We first discuss the non-equilibrium Hall response of a system initialized in a topologically trivial state before its Hamiltonian is ramped into a Chern insulator phase, comparing the coherent dynamics with effects of dephasing.

Applications will also figure prominently in the program as it is shown by the presence of the following courses: In economy there are some known stylized facts which address relations between different aggregate values.

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camafa The empirical study of contact networks shares many issues with network-based epidemiology, and our work has been extended towards understanding the epidemic spread of infectious diseases. Our proposed protocol and quantum optical setups can be realized with state of the art experimental techniques in both photonic and phononic quantum circuits.

A limited number of grants are available to support the travel and living expenses of selected participants, with priority given to those working in a developing country and who are at the early stages of their career. I will review the theoretical foundations of bigravity, and outline camaga qualities and phenomenology of spin-2 gravitational dark matter.


For the safe and effective practice of IGRT, clinical medical physicists need to have knowledge of the commissioning and quality assurance of IGRT technology and processes, and have an understanding of the dose burden ttech patients from IGRT imagining procedures.

The appearance of the dual Coxeter number is a hint of the role of affine Lie algebras. In the case of a real reflection group, Etingof has proved that part of this classification may be done using the Macdonald-Mehta integral and the b-function of the discriminant for W. Alexey Fedorov, Yale University, U. We will discuss the geometry of such a family jjoy K3 surfaces arising from Teichmueller curves, with special emphasis on the variation of Hodge structure and mirror symmetry.

Its representation theory is camraa connected to the geometry of the action of W of V.

While Bayesian inference on static quantities is widespread and has become standard in many contexts, Bayesian inference in volatile environments presents an additional set of challenges. Leading experts on both theoretical and experimental research of dynamics of photoinduced electronic excitations will discuss developments and future directions in understanding such dynamics, and its dependence on the materials properties. We demonstrate that the considered dynamical system has the central shadowing property: Dolgopyat MarylandS.

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The estimator uses only distances between the points and not the coordinates and does not require any assumption on the functional form of the probability distribution. Stefano Luzzatto Support E-Mail: He spent two years at Caltech as a Tolman Fellow.

The event will provide advanced training in theoretical and computational methods for atomic processes in plasmas. Hands-on sessions will be organized every day of the college in the ICTP laboratories accompanied by library documentation finalized with round-table discussion.


Stanka Tanaskovic Organizer s: After defining Hasse-Weil zeta functions in general, we will study these zeta functions for the above objects where a lot of their conjectural properties can be tested. The theoretical and computational tools for a quantitative analysis of complex systems are often rooted in modern statistical, quantum physics.

As such, a Teichmueller curve in genus 2 moduli space naturally parametrizes a family of Kummer K3 surfaces.

Claudio Tuniz Cosponsor s: We shall illustrate the non-trivial role played by the Haldane mass term which determines the topology of the equilibrium Haldane model and also propose the topological index associated with the corresponding DQPTs. We are interested in camata of the corresponding eigenfunctions as the eigenvalue becomes large i.

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We show that while large field inflation is very robust to inhomogeneities, small field inflation fails in the presence of sub-dominant gradients. In the same set-up we can further control the available Hilbert space for quantum evolution exploiting Quantum Zeno dynamics [4].

Damara On the Caginalp phase-field system based on the Cattaneo law with nonlinear coupling Room: Earth System Physics Role of trade wind variations in Pacific and global decadal climate variability Address: He is particularly known for a number of inventive contributions to the application of the holographic connection between theories of gravity and strongly coupled condensed matter physics.