In order to use the machine correctly and safely and understand this product s capability, please read this. InstallShield Informer Technologies, More information. Especially, the nozzle surface of the heads from which the ink More information. Check the printout whether every line is straight. Then fill the head with flush solution to dissolve the humectants completely within minutes. Put ink tank in the frame.

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It is the best device for an inkjet printer, and More information.

Large-format solvent FY-1504c printer

Contents herein contained are believed to be correct, however, please contact us if you find any error or challengre not clear enough. It is mainly for test printing. Air pressure is transferred to ink cartridges and press ink to challener the head 2 Operation of positive pressure clean Move the head to the cleaning area, and press clean switch On the left side of the printer. If it does not reach the clean position exactly, adjust by pressing.

Infiniti Printer Fyc Suppliers, Manufacturer, Distributor, Factories, Alibaba

Corresponding Quick More information. Adjust M, Y, K one by one and print at test mode, single direction. Please keep manual in accessible place More information. Below fy-504c box shows: It may cause printout overlapping or dimness. Fix with screws as shown below: Manual Revisions Preface D-Link reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes in the content fg-1504c without obligation to notify any person or organization of such revisions or changes.


If not, adjust the angle of head. Connect a tube on the exit of the head to prevent ink flowing into the socket; 5. Liquid filling machine,Granular challegner machine,Powder packing machine,Labeling machine,inkjet coding printer. Set suction value to media. Ink amount can be changed by option Purge Quantity under Option. Do not operate this unit in direct sunlight, More information.

All copyrights Infiniti. It is the best device for an inkjet printer, and. Manufacture always provides a standard EF value, which is captured under standard fy-104c.

Therefore, every head has its optimal EF value. I can give the engineer’s phone which will help you to adjust her that you learned the cost of recovery and install work.

Large-format solvent FYc printer buy in Krivoj rog

Click Printer menu below choose FYC as 4. The driver program is automatically installed via TRY installation. Its unit is mm. Especially, the nozzle surface of the heads from which the ink More information.


Set the relevant value in the following dialogue box. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols.

Users can also select All, and then press Download. Place the printer near the outlet in order to plug it conveniently. User Manual June Rev. These limits are designed. Don t be too hard and don t insert in wrong order.

Joint a filter on the In-tube of the head, and then joint an injector–which fills with flush solution–on the filter. Turn on the light to check the head cleaning process at the sometime.

Do not incline it or put it close to the wall.