The scrabble side of business is booming, the other not so much. It is an attractive chess clock , digital and all. This clock is up to something. The European retro exquisite Garde Digital is almost half the price. The Garde Digital Chess Clock has a similar problem feature. Added are some new features like byo-yomi timing modes and multi time-control tournament modes up to three time periods.

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Chronox big blue numbers, green or red if you want them. Before the FX there was a DX. High quality sturdy stainless touch buttons, if the previous model is any indication.

Senha do Software CPPWin da impressora Check Pronto Chronos: senha: cppwin obs.: Tudo Minusculo?

There is a legend about a nutty scrabble player who started a scrabble timer business and expanded it to chess by demand … but his heart was never in it. The scrabble side of business is booming, the other not so much.


There are reports of repair delays and the shop not answering the phone. From top to bottom: The official website is virtually deadlast updated years ago.

The FX is the best of the lot for a blitz player. This clock is up to something. The glow is kinda soothing, actually. Chronosclocksporntochess timer.

Simple timer modes with a handful of tourney settings. All the FIDE modes and whatnot. There’s a brief mention of the DX somewhere on the Net, but no info or pic whatsoever. Good luck finding this one. Listed at major dealers, but apparently sold out.

Some say the shop is suffering from chip supply shortage. prnoto

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Good for serious all around tournament players. One pane LCD display with unmatched readability.

Extremely easy to use and easy to set up once one understands the process. Slanted aluminum body, high readability, no moving parts, maximum durability.

It is an attractive chess clockdigital and all.

Best Chessmen Ever

Chronos FX Touchintroduced indiscontinued in Ordered one red on red pronto, will shoot and report as soon as it gets to Ljubljana. You will be pushed a cheaper plastic albeit nice and cuddly ZmartFun replacement.


As of this writing, these clocks are in short supply and extremely hard to find even online.

All-new slanted design is very welcome and the clocks are available in some prontp color combos. Review pending, the clock is on the way as we speak. They got the timing just right as at the moment the competition is asleep at the wheel and demand is high.

Makes the clock very heavy. Touch Switchintroduced instill sold today. Simple controls, no bells and whistles. Oddly, there are no videos of the FX on YouTube. The news is bad.