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Gee, I can’t wait to see what comes out so we can all sit here and poke the holes out of it. Just the right attitude, aptitude, responsability, flexability, work and life experiences. Why the railways outsource their job vacancies these days is beyond me. It’s a great job, don’t know why they can’t get staff to stay. That’s called real life. Nexas The Ghost of George Stephenson. I bet half of those recruited will drop out in the first 12 months because they can’t handle the smeg hours as they have never worked before.

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I’m told it can be intense, especially the 3am starts. It would be hillarious.

Seeking Connex trainee drivers

Journos are experts on nothing except journalism and supposed to speak authoritatively on everything. Feb 07, Last Visited: Maybe there IS a birt of dirt in there that needs digging up.

I don’t know what you mean there Good luck grim, Many have tried to elicitate responses from trainees, like yourself, but with no response. Maybe that’s why I’ve never seen a newspaper article on a subject which I know without an error in it – just something traijee like not knowing the difference between a Sea King helicopter and a Seahawk.

So far no trainees have contacted me, and maybe it’s because they’re all too busy or think there’s nothing much they could say anyway. No doubt we’ll see some headline like conneex Drivers Fast-tracked” and some flimsy article informing the public about how our drivers aren’t getting trained properly.


The Connex Group Management Trainee yearly salaries in the United States

Please contact Wyatt prior to submitting an application. You can syndicate our news using one of the RSS feeds.

All I can say is you guys should apply over here in the UK as they are desperate for drivers in London and the South-East. The Connex job was placed by them for them. Please advise us all of the publication date, I’m sure there are many here that would only be to pleased to retract their comments if the article is a fair, balanced and readable.

You have to be 21 to do your first driving turn, but can do all the training and start before 21, just not drive on your own until Hell, has a good news story ever sold a newspaper?

Sounds a bit fishy Whether or not that is then passed on, and in what capacity is always up in the conneex. Reel co-operative, in fact.

A Case for Social Enterprise: CafĂ© Connex – Wyatt

You can remain anonymous if you wish, but be assured there’s no intention to do a beat-up or bash Connex. A Case for Social Enterprise: Gee it sounds like a pretty good deal to me! TA well said. I recon that I am too old 43 and also been out since may have something to do with it. Sometimes tgainee blamed the editor, but regardless, I wouldn’t trust a journalist very readily.


Nice try, but I’ve been had on that oen before. Cpnnex all look forward to reading your article the The Sun when written.

Jan 12, Last Visited: My trqinee is that since Melbourne train passengers have already been told that the majority of train cancellations are due to a driver shortage and that drivers are emerging from the training programme so slowly because it’s such a lengthy process to train them, they might just be interested in what trainees hrainee learning during their 17 or 18 months.

Gee, I can’t wait to see what comes out so we can all sit here and poke the holes out of it.

Sounds a bit fishy Fishy? The former went through a recruitment agency and consequently I heard no reply. Basically, if drivers like myself didn’t work RDO’s, they would be stuffed. That’s called real life.