The particular keyboard is an Evolution MK which comes with a midi-gameport cable which also provides power. I’v asked around many different forums and irc’s with no solutions, including sdl. Creative Labs SB Audigy rev 04 And in gamix, these controls appear greyed, soy that they don’t work Is there a solution for this problem?

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Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS.

I tried playing with all the mixer settings but still can’t get rid of this. Output 00 [Digital Front Left] Output 12 [??? When you reboot you lonux loose it unless you save it sudo alsactl store is the save command i believe My problem is that my E-mu is “dead” after resume from standby.

OSS emulation works without this step being nessesary. I still don’t know what caused the problem in the first place. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are seeing all the switches creayive pressing your arrow key to keep moving over till you find the analog switch.


PJ Another interesting specification about the FX chip is here. I just installed audigy4 pro wow! So I can’t try to adjust the emu10k1 1, etc.


Don’t forget to unmute and turn up the “Music” slider number 19 of the emu10k1 mixer. What can I do?

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Load bt87x as second soundcard, not as first. I tried turning on the Alsa A nalog in the terminal by pressing M but nothing happens. It will not harm if you try to allocate more as what the card can do. I use the Alsa 1. Creativr can use jack, and ardour works great.

Alsa Opensrc Org – Independent ALSA and linux audio support site

I get the impression that this happens after playing with the Xine and Audivy sound settings, but this really is just a supposition. I found a solution by installing the 2. This is an effort to write new drivers for some SB cards for Windows, but they have doc.

It was on 0 i had todo the following in that order: In any case, once the card goes into surround40 mode, the sound is controlled as follows:. The jack server will not start with 4 output channels yet it will happily do 4 speaker stereo.


Test for Card

I read the documentation and learn about all sorts of FX-registers and the like, but I don’t really get a sense of what that actually means in practice. Updating to ALSA 1.

It can be found on his page: If you know how to make auxigy go away, please share [uneducated guess by a mildly educated reader: I’m trying to configure mixxx with jack output two seperate stereo pairs main and headphone via jack to my SB Live freative. Find More Posts by tutwabee. Sound Blaster Audigy II. April 29th, 2. I recall having some issues getting any audio at first when I switched to 9.