There can be multiple variants of the same CT board, which may have different capabilities. This site hosts no abandonware. If you don’t end up getting I’ll claim it. If you’re looking for the ultimate in digital audio compatibility, look no further. The box doesn’t say it doesn’t play music in DOS like it should. Synths include all processors involved in generating both sound and music.

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Its a little long so that’s why I gave you a couple of starting points. But this card is almost nonfunctional in DOS so I don’t know why they would sell it? I can confirm that 21 does not appear to work on an IBM XT I bought one and tested it Card itself is functional tested on later machine but causes the XT to beep with the video card problem beep 1 long jbq 2 short XT does not beep with my CGA card installed.

For VGA they must both be on. A demonstration of the difference in sound exists on Wikipedia.

The CT is one such example: UV3 … “Has Crystal sound chip on it. Not Actually Bugs Occasionally, there will be differences among the cards and the way they were programmed that were, for a long time, misunderstood. So I figure I’d pass them on to ct890. I disabled the synthesizer and midi and left the gameport operating and it seems better for my Sidewinder Precision Pro. I got it from Ebay and the seller is no longer selling this card.


I’m curious as to how it looks.

ct920 Since the Sound Blaster 2. When buying, be wary and always verify with photos. The ones with the true OPL3 chip seem to be quite a bit more rare. In these cases, the base chipset is mostly identical.

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It’s unclear whether to assume that these two models are identical. Music playback will stutter if the MPU interface is used while digital audio at greater than 11khz is being played in some circumstances. DACs convert digital audio signals to analog audio signals, suitable for output. Yet the dxdiag tests with basic music worked. It seems the first two digits are the revision number starting at 01the next two digits are the year, and the final two digits are the week number None of them worked in DOS.

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I read about not having NMI on some motherboards. XT also had an Xebec or whatever HDD controller, thought that might be the problem resource conflict? When this bug occurs, notes will occasionally continue to play after they were supposed to have stopped playing. Tips Every one ct890 these cards after the Sound Blaster 2. How do you have the motherboard sw1 5 and 6 set? Especially that ATI Wonder.


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On the Nerdly Pleasures blog, there are a couple great buying guides depending on which generation you seek. There can be multiple variants of the same CT board, which may have different capabilities.

If you don’t need Waveblaster support since many of these others will cause high pitched squealy notes if you try to use external MIDI and legitimate OPL3 is all you care about, look at these models in addition to the ones above.

It’s safe to assume all synths are entirely Creative’s own, except the following:. If anyone is interested I can try to post a photo of the card. Socket for CT may or may not be installed Goldfinch: Even on my most modern machines, I had no issue getting these cards to work. My got smashed to oblivion, and I’m trying to come up with a cheaper alternative so I can at least use the machine while I save up for another Here are the pertinent links: