This is now corrected. I agree with all the negative comments on BSNL. Type admin and password admin in most cases. If it make happy to existing customer then it is a good to promte them for new customer. No need to have MS Office installed to display chart.

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I am using Bsnl Services around from years but when recently due to increasing my data usage I got Upgraded my internet plan.

BSNL Broadband

The isolation of the RAP has dumbed us down for over half a broadbamd Every time you book a complaint on customer services about bad working of broadband you are assured that this problem will be sorted out within 24 to 48 hours but nothing Share on Digg Share.

Pros and Cons of the Internet.

The second telephone line that people purchased for internet use can be cancelled now. BSNL should be a conscientious brodband provider offering the DataOne service to the people and not trying to prey on unsuspecting customers with an accidental high usage bill. Dec 21, They are the most unprofessional company you can imagine. Many families in manipur have had to cut off STD facility at home because the employees working at the telephone exchange would connect phone calls from other people to their phone line leading to huge phone bills sent to innocent families.


An ISP gives the user a private secured Internet account access to the Internete-mail address, web space and hosting services for a web page.

The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. For Broadband plans where bandwidth is 1Mbps or more, the uplinking will be maximum upto kbps.

DataOne Broadband Internet

Compare total bandwidth displayed in dataone site with total of all rows to ensure that all rows has been retrieved. You can also use the internet and the computer setup to call people on their normal phones including mobile phones, but for that you have to pay money to someone called a VOIP provider which is a much cheaper rate, like those familiar to phone cards.

You have been loggedin via facebook. In password version, background processing while retrieving pages from dataone site is shown. Minimum Hire period for all Broadband plans will be one month.

Your Mobile has been activated successfully. Subscribers having telephones in the name of Company, firms, shops, educational institutes or any other commercial entity can take only General Plan. This free phone call is still possible using a dialup internet, though the audio breaks up and lags making it incomprehensible sometimes, because of the lower speeds.


Upload photo files with. Nov 11 7: Before installation they promised a speed of 10 mbps but since I had In addition one month full FMC shall be levied as early termination charges.

The current MD mailing group with all its political and frequent emails is not the right platform for this. Feb 16, If that doesnt give you modem access page.

Share on Pinterest Share. I really hate it becoz when youve got to download those big file 2 things are needed 1 a stable connection To check connectivity try pinging both to router and websites. I had applied for BSNL connection for home use. In this mode once the DSL link is steady the modem remembers the username and password and auto connects to internet when switched on. Adtaone are then no longer prevented by the current restriction and censorship of print and broadcast media by vested interest groups, to inform, educate, empower and shape public opinion of our entire population.

BSNL Broadband usage finder

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