Accessories The delivery contents are easy to oversee in light of the high acquisition price. Just send it back within 30 days of purchase date in original packaging to receive money back. Heavy but powerful Watt AC adapter. Save time and money by doing your own Dell laptop repair. Please be sure to share your findings! What stands out is the metallic exterior with an unusual umber brown color scheme.

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A module shaft, more realistic component prices, and a firmly attached battery. This program supports all three conversion types, and thus allows for comparisons to be made. A second regular hard drive shaft is not available.

You Can Call Us At The determined access time of 0. A Phillips head screwdriver and a plastic scribe is needed However, the battery is also responsible for the first real point of criticismsince this sits relatively loosely in the case, and in addition contains one of the four feet.

The purchase date is the date your credit card was charged. A module shaft is not available. X What does “Brand New” mean?


The same is true for the ports on the sides, which are located towards the back. During the Battery Eater Classic Test maximum performance, everything enabled, maximum display brightness the battery lasted for 73 minutes, whereby the clock speed reduction of the GPU when battery powered also played a part in achieving the relatively good battery life.

Possible GPU upgrade for Precision M4600

Invaild Dell Service Tag, check your entry and try again. Internet, office, many image editing tasks, and average resolution movies utilize the system and thus the cooling system so little, that an almost silent use is possible. I will report back. Our configuration of the Dell Precision M definitely has high performance components. Compatibility problems, which could be a potential problem due to the special Quadro driver didn’t emerge during the testing.

Solid release button for the display latch. MS Office is only pre-intalled as a starter version with limited functionality.

Hi, I’d like to get feedbacks from users that have successfully upgraded the GPU de,l their Dell Precision M beyond the manufacturer available cards. In addition there was no CPU throttling during the test. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

Two hooks, and 2. When carrying out tasks with little load the temperatures with a maximum of To reach the mass storage for example seven screws have to be removed.


All parts are physically in-house, and ready to ship same business day. DC Power Jack Repair.

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This is made possible thanks to Nvidia Optimus, a successful cooling system, and the almost completely quiet SSD. A clearly noticeable performance reduction when battery powered becomes apparent when it comes to the graphics performance though.

Great advice and good to know about the layout of the heat sink. The maximum temperature of Otherwise the base unit is very firm due to the omission of any maintenance panels.

We nvidla a video in the m4v format x into an iPhone 4 compatible mp4 nviida x Not sure if that was attempted before but I will try a KM that should arrive soon. Missing separate panels in the base plate make upgrades more difficult.