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As I’m currently pimping my old Quicksilver and don’t want to spend money on it just for the sake of “more power” I’m checking all network cards I’ve at hand. Configure the network properties of the card according to your current network settings. Needed to be multihomed. I hope this info is useful for other people looking for an OS 9 Gigabit nic card. In general just check the old way for whats supported: I’ve put the computer to Sleep via the Apple Menu.

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Needed a second NIC to multi-home a server G5 1.

Any way I will be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently fast. Realtek but I’ve not looked dfe-530rx this card. Wonderful old Ethernet card!

I had to upgrade to One card is dedicated to the internal network, one is for the mail server and another is handling the web server. Let me know if you have any questions. After reading up, I decided to buy a Giga card with a Realtek chipset. In the meantime, I guess this card is going into my PC.


A reader asked if anyone is using a PCI network card dfe-530tz add a 2nd interface not just as a replacement for the onboard Mad.

D-Link DFE-530TX+ – network adapter

As these cards are dirt cheap and hopefully better than the s this is the dfe-53t0x to go. Although my PowerMac 1Ghz dual-processor Quicksilver running I found and downloaded an open source driver from this link: Cards are connected over a DGSD switch with 9.

Best regards, Olivier ” FYI – as of spring the page has a v2. Any help would be enormously appreciated! No need for drivers.

Download D-Link DFETX+ Driver for Mac OS for Mac

Maybe some realtek driver can help. Occasionally, the USB-Ethernet box would take a while to ‘wake up’ after the computer woke up.

The Apple NICs are bit. Wound up returning it.

Just for the hell of it I called them and was told that over the years they have never gotten a support question from a Mac user. Seems to work just fine I then decided to put It even takes a press of the front panel doink button to restart it to get it back. We’ve learned our lesson and will unplug when storms happen. That will improve over time. Out of the box support in OS X I will appreciate for those who proceed this in future. Does your website have a contact page?


As an interim solution, I was able to use a trendnet USB 2. The folks I spoke to at Belkin about this were clueless beyond measure and according to the two Tech support people to whom I spoke they aren’t even given any Macs to use as test computers.

I’ve tried patching an OS 9 RT driver I found online but no longer available on RealTek’s website according to the included instructions for setting vendor ID, but I couldn’t get it to work. According to their webstore, they currently late Sept.

Fortunately, I was able to return the Intel card and talk the vendor into accepting it without charging me a restocking charge.