Optionally, it can execute a user provided application. The divalogd accounting utility uses the sources of information contained in the management interface and maintains a detailed call log journal. If the Diva softIP software is used as stand-alone product, T. Equivalent to AT command: You will receive a text file that displays the various components of the call history information separated by commas. If you click the board icon below Details , the information listed here is displayed. Use 20 sec timeout for management interface operation.

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See Incoming RAS call type autodetection for more information. Once the call establishment is complete, mgetty will start the modified pppd utility pppd. Defines the flow control mechanism.

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Dial attempt failed L1 dialofic, L2 error, no free B-channel. This option also disables the automatic transparent to application fax document compression provided by the Diva Media Board in order to increase the effective transfer speed of fax messages. Returns no information for B-channels.

This reduces the host CPU load and increases the reliability of the fax transmission. No framing check pass data transparently.


If you want to create your diaogic statistics, download the call history files in the call history viewer and apply your own spread-sheet application. You can invoke the support procedure in two modes: Using the management interface, allows for changing the values of parameters at run time. The shellscript divalog provides an abbreviation for divactrl -ReadXlog. There are three allowable formats for the syntax of this command:.

This command starts a test client in diapogic background. Current last transmission speed. If the results of the last fax transmission were negative and the application starts message re-transmission, the Diva Media Board will detect this and fallback to a lower transfer speed. This parameter should be indicated if the v B-channel protocol is used without auto detection.

Context-specific online help is available for most configuration options. The current day of the month. Disables the escape sequence process, i.

The Diva Trace Wizard will inform you about the location of the trace file. Any other exit status indicates an error.

Supported Boards

With other operating systems, the name of the Diva TTY interface may be different. The year as a decimal number without the century. The statistics show the total number of calls related to various periods of time, the ratio of incoming and outgoing calls, the ratio of call types, call duration charts, a peak board load chart, etc.


Specify offset for ifIndex. The short form of this command is “CID? Disables the transmission of fax messages with high resolution. Fax tone detection [a].

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Calling Party Number and protocol to be used. If you click the icon below Mgnt in the Available Diva Board section, the management interface browser opens. New fax header line [a] [g]. To start the test server at TTY number 10 and use protocol auto-detection, execute: Disables usage of 2D bri- document compression.

If the peer does not send an ACCM with its configuration request, a null ACCM added to such a request by default, to prevent the overhead of escaping every dilogic character. The year as a decimal number including the century.