Facing other 3D cards on equal terms in modern Windows games with CPUs getting faster and faster, the Virge appeared too slow to accelerate anything. While resolution remains at software rendering level, when Virge’s features works image quality enhancement is big enough. S3 Graphics graphics processors. Introduced in by then graphics powerhouse S3, Inc. As you can see in the gallery I am not a very good photographer.

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23030231-304 Diamond Multimedia PCI Stealth 3d 2000 Pro S3 Virge/dx Video Card

STB Velocity 3D produces artifacts even after smallest push and they looks like chip errors, not memory. In fact, at least in texturing quality Virge is among the leaders of It didn’t help how many S3d titles were hellbent on running at x4x0.

The 3D feature set is quite rich for the time and price, but performance was soon inadequate. The Vortex2-equipped MX was a superior card for 3D audio.

Diamond Multimedia – Wikipedia

S3 achieved major publisher support when Interplay promised Virge support for its 3D titles for 2 years. TNP has ground texture problems for a change. Games that supported Virgd directly put this logo on their box so owners of the 3D card would know that it would run as well as possible on their computer.

Turok batch takes mulltimedia long to complete and Virge usually freezes in specific moments, that is why I used only second demo for measurement. The Monster3D line was based on 3dfx Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo2 chips which did not contain a 2D engine, requiring a separate VGA card connected externally using a pass-through cable.


TB, only to discover 2d sprites are not rendered. This also improves FPS significantly and retro player with an adequate PC who wants s33 game with Virge should always seek this option. The MX was the last of the Monster Sound cards. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It utilized the then state-of-the-art Aureal A3D 2.

Still, I think they indicate something. When Direct3d took off, proprietary API support was dropped in favor of open one. It was a substantial step diwmond in gaming audio, with impressive 3D audio positioning and other effects.

Weapon is drawn quite poorly and there is also the Z-fighting in top right corner. This article needs additional citations for verification. The original vanilla Virtual Reality Graphics Engine established a line of 3D cores that were selling multlmedia hotcakes.

A special BIOS patch was released by Diamond for the Stealth II S which brought its clock speed up to the same level as the high-end Verite V chip, resulting in equal performance at a significantly lower price.

Environment mapping is impossible ciamond Virge, it causes artifacts of its own, so it is disabled in games like Ultimate Race Pro. Diamond XtremeSound is the first sound card line launched after the company’s restructuring in The audio engine further received poor reviews regarding MIDI quality, which was a common standard for multimedia music playback at multkmedia time.

Anyway damage was already done and with coming of high performance solutions from other companies Virge continued to be used in most PCs only as a 2D card and S3 end up with little positive mind share from the vkrge market success.


However, drivers tested here show efficiency on par with proprietary S3d games. Overall performance is horrible as expected. If only more people could overclock their Virge back then.

Quake has few flashing textures as well plus some Z-artifacts on doors, but the S3 wrapper does not support first Multmiedia anyway. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. At least I hope it is not a hardware problem.

Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3d PCI Video Card 2000 23030216-403

Diamond also made kits called the Maximum DVD and The company was the defendant in a significant copyright case for its Rio digital music playerwhich the Recording Industry Association of America claimed infringed copyrights; the Ninth Circuit deemed it to diwmond a fair usehowever, in RIAA v.

This is diamonnd a change a positive part of Virge Glass surfaces are not transparent, ghost car in Viper Racing is not transparent. Only Grim Fandango goes ballistic with 4 MB and that is not exactly a game you have to play accelerated.