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It uses proprietary technology to model a vast array of amps and effects, giving you a complete canvas of tonality on which to create your musical masterpieces. The Whammy and Talker effects are a company speciality, and its recent exploits in modelling stompboxes are well in evidence here; the Hendrix Univibe sound, for example, is a real cracker. I deprecated this multi-effects to those addicted to vintage, for against, mtalleux friends, go for it! Models for bass are fabulous. Now, each in its gots Contents of audio Guitar Effects Pedal EQ.

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Having initially been overtaken by Boss and Line 6 in the digital modelling race, DigiTech is now one of the prime movers in the field of combined multi-FX and modelling units.

After every chorus delay wah ect are very good!

I get very easy sound of Vai with everything, I love her, but I would still keep its unique Personal I like the Digitech effects, again I Rasht, but with a different amp bnficier its best quality. The end result not only sounds like the amp you want it acts like the amp you want whether playing with a soft touch or digging in.


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The only downside for wha who does his job but is not taping not as gx3000 could be with the boss that surpasses the digitech on this point. This makes sense; like its predecessor, the GNX can be used in conjunction with a PC as a comprehensive footswitch-operated recording and signal routing tool and comes with free Pro Tracks Plus recording software.


No The manual is clear and sufficient? Image 1 of 2 On the whole, ithe GNX interface is very easy to use. Only my eyes and a competitor can be even higher digitefh g9 2tt who also look monstrous in the same price range preamp lamp has two expression pedals and a wah and a volume for example but I could not try so I opted for the digitech! Special mention for the acoustic guitar simulator. It also plays well with pedals if you run them after the board. My GNX is only used at home, and to register.

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I did all 3. One of DigiTechs better products. Until now critical listening has been the focus for referencing and reproducing amp models. The result of this superior technology is that an amplifier model created by this unit both sounds and responds like the cabinet you desire.

As amp, nothing terrible and that’s a shame: How about a total of 57 effects, 11 of which can be used within a single patch? There’s plenty of digittech, enough for a total of factory and user patches.


The power supply, 15V phantom, so a bit tight for some microphones. But when it was chosen for what it is, it is happiness. You also have unlimited creative power in your hands when using the built-in drum machine that comes with 80 patterns. Besides that it’s stock lol.

Component-Based Modeling captures the entire signal path: Neither a simple multi-effect, too. One thing trs important that I forgot to mention: Missing the presence of a microphone preamp DBX. Run this pedal through an effects loop to set the right mood and tones when composing original songs.

A sampling rate of You can also Tlcharger ddigitech prdfinis by ynx3000 community of players on this site http: Lol there are too many trucks look the plug techinque! No Editing sounds and effects is it easy? And it was a steal for that price. It did not come with the CD for recording on my computer but I finally found a download on the net. Carefully lift off the top foot switches, expression pedal stay connected.