Hard Disk Drive


Use the type of power source indicated on the Document Camera. Press [d ] to enable [Slide Show Effect]. Press [f] or [e] to select [Storage]. English – 19 7. Press [f] or [e] to move the selected image left or right. Or increase the distance between the lens and the document, and then press the [FOCUS] button on the right side of the lens. In the following situations, unplug the Document Camera from the wall outlet and refer servicing to licensed service personnel:

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Dukane 335B Document Overhead Camera Presenter

Check that the power cord is securely connected to the wall socket and the unit. Place the Document Camera where it can be easily unplugged. Freezes the current image temporarily on the screen.

Refer servicing to licensed service Personnel. Use attachments only as recommended. When the Camera Settings window pops up, the live image can be adjusted. A window displaying a live image see below will appear.


Press [c] or [d] or [e] or [f] to select the thumbnail you want you browse. When both parties are connected, Skype ddukane display the video screen. Press [f] or [e] to select the [Advance] menu. To reduce the risk of electric shock. For other issues, contact your dealer or service center. Adjusts brightness of the image.

English – 20 7. Do not remove the cover or back. Check Auto Image of the projector. Press [Cancel] to exit. Press [c] or [d] to enable [Auto Erase]. Problems Solutions 1 No power signal Check that the power cord is securely connected to the wall socket and the unit.

Contact your distributor if the LED fails to light. English – 26 7.

Dukane XGA Document Camera Visual Presenter – video dailymotion

Press [f] or [e] to move through selected images. Check the settings for the projector source.

English – 18 2. English – 22 7. Press [f] or [e] to access the [Storage] menu. Press [PAN] to exit the partially zoom in mode. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. In Skype, for example, complete the following steps: Check Auto Image of the projector. Automatically adjusts the focal length between the lens and the object being projected. Press [f] vukane [e] to move the selected image left or right.


Press [f] or [e] to select [Display]. From the control panel or remote control 3. To stop playing, repeat Steps 1 to 4.