So I went for gold old VLC. Have also been able to record HD content on both laptops with little problem though the Windows 7 computer excels at this. Fully functional Web Browser. This thread is locked. So far, the HDTV tuner works better than ever.

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If you just want to use vlc for the show you cant use in xine or mplayer then there is an option to use a jsb player for each video. If your screen is mangled from catting out that then you can type “reset” to reset your terminal. Contents on your smartphone or Xroid can be shared with a few clicks of the remote without ever having to turn on a PC.

DVICO (TVIX Xroid A1) Android Network Media Player with USB

When you use the texturedvideo overlay you will probably see blue people. The first player from the newly transformed Minevox is a whole new generation of TViX media player designed on Android platform.

Another thing that may stop the following from working is if lircd is running. Your browser does not support script. This I found to be the most painful as I was using the wrong driver for a long time.


Press it again and it sould kill the process. Wait for it to finish and we will svico to the next step.

Dvico Fusion HDTV5 USB gold? Doesn’t work in Windows 7.

Then open up a browser and go to http: The screwless drive bay makes swapping 3. Thats it for the MythBox. In the end I gave up and will be going back to a Nvidia card.


Use your own photos or images to personalize your Xroid with just a few easy clicks. To get around this problem there is a flag in the myth source dvlco use ATI’s drivers: The Xroid A1 features the familiar video player that supports virtually all types of video files out in the wild today.

TViX Share lets you share your files. For example throw in one of your dvd’s and type mtd.

In a terminal see if your daily cron job works now:. You should now have:. Anyway after about 10hours of mucking around with the thing I finally got a Semi working config. So we will reload the module that we removed before.


Dvico FusionHDTV USB DVB-T

So far, the HDTV tuner works better than ever. Shaneboy1 Replied on February 17, Edgy will prompt you to install updates as soon as its loaded. Add widgets like weather, calendar, and clock to customize your home page. The ability to add third party apps open up a whole new range of functionality to the traditional network media player. Now you may run into this as I did. You need to run mtd Myth Transcoding Demon before mythfrontend for this to work. So it seems that this should be the one to use Views Read View source View history.

You need the driver: To get around this run this script as root:. Now I have dug out an old desktop running Vista service pack 2.