The application priority list, power save mode, exclude list, cache viewer, and general UI are very nice. But, we still need to find a utility specifically designed to test solid-state media and not try to use older utilities to benchmark with. Your name or email address: RSS feed for this topic. I would not recommended using the spindle drive as a cache since that is where static data is stored anyway.

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Any reason to use a program like eBoostr?

My PC Operating System: I have configured Windows to use this drive beoostr the paging file, which significantly reduced overhead on my system drive. I am with simerline This greatly speeds up your processes, as applications load from this separate cache rather than your hard drive. I can see the relevance for someone that does alot more than gaming leaving this alone, but since I myself pretty much use my rig for gaming almost exclusively then I need as much free resources as I can get.

Raptor88Aug 9, The programs’s main executable is eBoostrCP. This light, easy-to-use tool works on the same Windows 7 Ultimate bit 6. Ebooshr is why in previous posts, I have recommended getting these higher-speed USB flash devices in order to see a gain.


Smoother cache location and naming handling eliminate Vista and 7 UAC notifications as well automatically handles dual-boot or multi-boot configurations.

When performing searches rather than locating important data quickly, hard drives will search through all of the data it has until it finds what you need. Using a USB cache eboosfr a PC with a very fast storage and plenty of memory actually hurts performance quite badly.

eBoostr – Download

Beta version installation file is available for free download without any registration. We everyone really need to look into finding the best USB-based flash media ebpostr eBoostr! Rankings 12, Logitech Solar App 1. It is a simple way to speed up your computer, and is sure to be a welcome addition to anyone’s repertory of applications.

My iconbar applications were very much slower to load. I then turned off Superfetch and found that load times were not increased.

Hope this helps some of you! Is it recommended that SuperFetch be turned off? Your download is ready! Yes Found in the run registry. By participating in eBoostr beta program you will have the opportunity not just to test our product, but to provide feedback directly to our development staff for changes to program behavior and feature requests. Apple and Mac OS X.



CONS Adding new cache device a little slow. Ah, another thing to help others: SSD filling up for no apparent reason DanishbluntDec cehck,in forum: Which countries install it? Random or sequential reads for solid-state media is, for the most part, irrelevant.

My testing results | eBoostr Beta Program Forum

Anybody know a tool which charts seek time, total access time, and speed, based on block size? Andrey Zarudnev Jan 26, William Estep Jan 26, How to Join Beta Program?

Remove eBoostr 4 from your computer.