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Offer valid for a limited time only. The printer is issuing cards. Optional Special Ink 2 Print Level: If [OK] is clicked, the status monitor can run, but it is only displayed, without enabling the printer settings. This product includes software written by Tim Hudson tjh cryptsoft.

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Full-color one-sided or two-sided duplex capabilities Batch printing. Please turn off the printer power and set MG unit correctly.

Use them only for single-sided printing. Hardware failure of Bend Remedial Roller happens.

It may take a while for printing to start when the retransfer temperature is changed. Hardware failure of Retransfer Roller Thermistor happens.

Download EDIsecure XID 8300 Driver & Firmware Updates

Your competent office India Mumbai Mumbai India. Unplug the cable connecting the laminator to the printer, and plug in again.


The IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway values that are automatically acquired from the DHCP server are not shown. Pi Product Information Brochure English.

My account Items of interest 0. Differences may occur according to the usage as well as media type.

Matica EDIsecure XID ID Card Printer Dual-Sided w/ Lamination

Lonsdale Center C, No. Dual-sided reverse transfer printer with lamination ideal for moderate to high volume card printing applications Special features: Recommended range when selecting a value other than the standard value. Reverse-transfer printing provides superior print quality over direct-to-card printing, producing nrtwork, vivid images that extend to the edge of your cards.

For actions requiring servicing calls, turn off the power of the printer and consult our authorized dealer.

Replace the retransfer film. Plus, the printhead is never in contact with the card with reverse transfer printing, which minimizes the risk of printhead damage and downtime.

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Add Bend Remedy Module: Ddisecure Technologies The modular single- or double-sided Matica EDIsecure XID Retransfer Printer was developed for industrial needs, as it is equipped with various optional modules such as bend remedy, flipper, and encoding modules. The user-friendly front-loading systems, with replaceable cartridges, makes changing supplies fast and easy. Unable to read the TAG adhered to the ink ribbon.


Consult our authorized dealers on how to install the IC encoder. Printed Card Approximate Cost Cost per card is based on the use of composite networo.

Illustrations used in this manual may differ slightly from the actual product. Please turn off the printer power and set External IC unit correctly. The printer is in the Power Saving mode, which helps to reduce power consumption. Enables the printer settings specified using ntework slide bars, radio buttons and list box. Use the status monitor only when the power of the printer is turned on.

All orders ship FREE! Information in this document is subject xidd change without prior notice. Replace the ink ribbon.