Thank you for making our admin jobs a lot easier. Might contain the Internal-Message-Id value. Thank you for a really useful article! But what about finding emails of certain sizes. Sign up using Email and Password. Then, a new log file that has an incremented instance number is opened the first log file is -1, the next is -2, and so on. Marked as answer by Zygha Wednesday, April 24, 1:

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Contains the reason why the message was throttled. For more information, see Foreign Connectors. If the other 2 mailboxes are invited to the same meeting the delegate is receiving only 1 meeting request.

This will require space which we do not have locally. Although the message tracking log explorer is fine for simple searches on a single server, it doesn’t work so well when you want to do wildcard searches, search multiple servers at once, or export data for further analysis.

Can I track what happened to an email after it was delivered on my Exchange Server? – Server Fault

The event sequence number. For those operations PowerShell is the way to go, and frankly once you’ve seen how powerful PowerShell is for message tracking log searches you’ll probably never use the explorer tool again. Often you will be running message tracking log searches that return a lot of results. This forum provides a place for you to discuss the Exchange Here is what we have been using with the help of this article — but as you can see it returns multiple addresses per line.


However interesting that scenario may seem, it does really not answer the question.

The message itself is a spam. Asked this question in public EX forum but didn’t get anywhere. These values are described in the Event types in the message tracking log section later in this topic. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is duplidate to these policies.

Each message tracking log file has a header that contains the following information:.

Then we spent some time with both of them helping them figure out a folder structure that they could both live with. Read about this change in our blog post. For more information, see Delivery Reports for Users. The event source was a Foreign connector. The exchage guys say and show that they delivered the attachment with the message in their logs.

Hi PaulThanx for article, I have userwho want to see a specific periods mail like Jan-Feb-Mar and exported to csv, I am giving this cmdlts on poweshell but results file showing 0. I’ve now got thousands of records that I can begin to filter and dissect in different ways without having to re-run my query.


By default, Exchange uses circular logging to limit the message tracking log based on file size and file age to help control the hard disk space that’s used by the log files.

I refer to this page often. Or really any text parsing utility.

Message tracking

Well I just installed SP1 Beta in my test environment today and can confirm that it does fix the delegate duplicats. This value is constant for the lifetime of the message. I am fairly new to scripting. It might be that she never actually got the message all weekend.

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Sounds like you need to research some third party reporting tools and help your compliance team choose one that can be installed to provide them the details they need. A message was received and committed to the database. I agree on the wording above. We had one user complaining about this and what we found was that she had been creating Rules everytime she wanted to archive a particular mail.

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