The name of PCAUSA may not be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. It is important to notify the application of this situation to allow the PassThru driver to be unloaded. The driver calls the NdisOidRequest function to send the request. When we’re done we’ll call PtCloseAdapter to close the adapter handle. Indeed, PnP can initiate unloading of the PassThru driver at any time. Increment the adapter reference count.

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Driver Code The essential work of saving binding names is already done in the baseline PassThru driver. Then we provide two functions that manipulate the RefCount:.

NDIS resources

Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. Implementation of the user-mode code for querying NDIS information on an open adapter handle is straightforward. extenving

At this point we can add code that open and closes a handle on the PassThru device symbolic link. The only viable build environment for bit applications is actually the DDK build environment.

Extending the PassThru NDIS IM Driver – Part 1

Instead, it relies on an underlying miniport driver to deal with the actual physical device. Concurrently run a repetitive test that extendinb a PassThru adapter handle for five seconds and then closes it. Are there any open source projects or articles that explain the process better than the articles above? You need to remove the unnecessary test to remove the warning. As I wrote some of the explanations I noticed faults in the code that really should be corrected.


I hope that this article will show that passtyru effort required to adapt a driver to support bit extended systems AMD Athlon and Opteron is not excessive.

Just when you thought we had exhausted the topic of opening and closing Win32 handles to the PassThru driver we find that there is another major issue to consider. Making an appropriate modification to PtRequestComplete is the key change that must be made to the baseline code to add our Wininitiated NDIS query information implementation.

Otherwise, it can respond to these queries and sets as appropriate to the medium that it exports at its upper edge.

Responding to Sets and Queries in an Intermediate Driver

The overall structure of the completed PassThruEx project looks like this:. A handle on a PassThruEx “control channel” is an ihtermediate handle to the device that is not associated with a specific adapter binding. Use at your own risk.

To examine the driver’s binding enumeration code, follow the links below. There are no open issues. In this case, the handles are closed most of the time and the process of re-opening the handles becomes the notification mechanism re-opening the handle will fail Click here to view DevEnumerateBindings handler. The DevOpenAdapter function is then called to do the work. Microssoft, observing the quality of RTP traffic has became more and more important.


This member is used to make NdisRequests on the open adapter handle. We’ll provide a function PtOpenAdapter that takes a Unicode binding name returned from PtEnumerateBindings and returns a valid handle if successful. From this exteending, I’m finding I don’t know a lot. At the very least, I need an interface in C to a driver written in any language.

Also, the lower edge of the intermediate driver protocol binds to the next lower driver which ndsi be an NDIS miniport driver or another NDIS intermediate driver. From the Win32 API perspective the process of opening an adapter handle will be simple and familiar. By monitoring the RTCP packets, we can know the traffic quality information.

Microsoft has now publicly released a Windows XP Bit preview version free for the download. The driver enforces exclusive access on a per-binding basis. This will allow the PC to boot to either bit or bit Windows. If the associated ADAPT structure is freed before the user-mode handle is closed, then the system can crash.