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Anyone dealing with currencies and spreadsheets would find this to be really useful. Office Depot also recently sold a variant of this notebook at the same price. It is fast, and can handle multiple programs simultaneously with little to no lag. Although these buttons are a tad smaller than I would have liked, I find them to be extremely useful, especially the Internet Browser button, which I use all the time. Located immediately below the touchpad, we can find the left-click and right-click keys, separated by a 4-way scroll button, which allows the user to scroll up or down, left or right of a page. Lenovo ThinkPad X 1.

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Acer Extensa screen. This is my first Acer product, so I was initially a little apprehensive about the build quality of this notebook. It is very clear and bright with no dead pixels. This makes it really convenient to carry around the house, or on a plane.

This notebook has indeed lived up to my expectations. Backlighting appears to be even and I cannot notice any light leaks anywhere on the screen.

For general tasks such as surfing the extens, listening to music, watching a movie or using MS Office, this notebook performs flawlessly. After using the Acer ExtensaI find that I am going to have to revise my opinion about Acer notebooks in general. Battery life has been quite impressive without being outstanding. However, if located on a desk or table, with proper ventilation, heat is minimal, and the fan is not required at all.


Lenovo ThinkPad X 1. The picture below shows how GridVista works. I anticipate strong sales for this notebook during the upcoming holiday season.

The single fan that is provided, is located at the bottom, near the back right corner of the notebook. The GB, rpm hard disk drive is made by Hitachi, and runs fast and quiet. For a budget notebook, this machine features a pretty decent selection of ports.

Installing SATA II SSD on Extensa | NotebookReview

Even though this is a 14 inch notebook, it has four USB ports, one on the front, one on the left side, and two on the right side. This notebook features a 6-cell Lithium-ion battery pack. You are better off using headphones.

Weight, as mentioned earlier, is 5. Although it is rather small, I find it to be very responsive. Lenovo ThinkPad X61 2. When I played around with the notebook at Best Buy, I was taken aback at how solid this little notebook felt. Visit our network of sites: A 44200 list of ports is given below:. Vista Windows Experience Index: The 14 inch screen is glossy and reflective, with a maximum resolution of x In my opinion, this 420 offers tremendous value for money, especially in these difficult economic times.


For a inch notebook, though, I wonder how xata one can get with several tiny windows open at once. This rather poor design means that sound is delivered downwards. Dell XPS M 2.

Installing SATA II SSD on Extensa 4420

The hard drive is already partitioned into three parts, the smallest of which is a hidden partition that contains the OS recovery data. The screen lid has rounded edges and does flex a bit, but nothing to worry about too much.

Anyone dealing with currencies and spreadsheets would find this to be really useful.

This notebook does not have much bloatware. Watching movies is generally an enjoyable experience.