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When Bender says “She’s well travelled” about Fry’s date, Fry is leaning his arm on the table. Luckily for Fry, Leela spots him across the room and comes over to save him. Look, could chocolate just let me finish? Amy, however, takes it easy and arranges another date for this evening. September 20, at 7: Amy, you know how at first you like chocolate but then you get tired of it cause it always wants to hang out and stuff.

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Bender introduces Leela to her date, Sal. But I guess we’re just two different people. They overutillise the car’s luxury features and end up draining the fuel-tank half a tlw from the fuel-station.

Sign next to Planet Express Language: Then I have no choice to do something so pitiful and embarrassing that I’m ashamed to tell you about it. This website is tracked by Quantcast.

Amy, you know how at first you like chocolate but then you get tired of it cause it always wants to hang out and stuff. There is no moisture or atmosphere there, too hot and not enough gravity.

Futurama – Season 2, Episode Put Your Head on My Shoulder –

Create an account Support the site on Patreon. Fry comes across Leela and asks her out on Valentines Day, but Leela reveals she’s already pt her date and it’s not with Zapp.


When Fry says “I’m not a one woman man” to Leela while she is drilling on the ship, her grip on the drill change between the shots. Amy hits it off with her date, and she is about to leave with him—and Fry’s unwilling head.

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are pushing cars off on unsuspecting loons in commercials in the year The scene cuts back to the office, where Zoidberg is completing the reattachment of Fry’s head to his body. He exits with his ho-bots. Arriving at the sales lot, Upt is greeted by Victor, who immediately starts shmoozing Amy to buy a fancy car. Start your free trial. This car has everything ftuurama [She begins imitating Victor’s accent.

When it cuts a panel with three buttons suddenly appear.

Put Your Head on My Shoulders

Use the HTML below. Latest blog posts Biggest Christmas movie mistakes The 20 biggest Friends mistake pictures 15 biggest mistakes in Titanic Mistakes in the biggest movies of The biggest mistakes in the Harry Potter movies The 15 biggest mistakes in Youd Wizard of Oz 25 mistakes you never noticed in great movies Avengers: By using this site, you fhturama to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bender hugs them and his ass explodes.

Amy and her date show signs of ending their night with some sensual activities, and Fry realizes he’s trapped in viewing for everything that will happen; Fry attempts to make his head fall off.


But, in the end, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is fkturama all about? Amy’s date arrives and takes them to Elzar’s restaurant. OK, the sticker says 55, but we’ll only go as high as, say– Amy: You don’t like chocolate?

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“Futurama” Put Your Head on My Shoulders (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Bender comes mu delighted with his earnings, and hints that it was all part of his master plan to get Fry and Leela together. Oh, I will have to ask my manager.

It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 13, The next day, Dr. The PE crew is astounded to hear that Fry and Amy are together now, and Zoidberg is especially jealous as he is miserably lonely and desperately poor so he can’t even buy romance. Whether he wants it or not, Fry is going to spend a lot of time with Amy Amy walks up asking if they’d like to join her for a drive around mercury in her new car; Fry joins her.