We have tried avery driver and formatted the HD. Of course since this board is quite a bit more expensive it is not directly comparable to the other cards in the review. PixelViews higher clockfrequencies does however. I didn’t have a chance to find the review, but here is a chart that compares it to the Geforce 4 MX series. Quality in other tests and games won’t be examined today because soon we will publish next 3Digest with a lot of screenshots from many games and comments on quality of the Xabre.

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Between these two combatants, however, rides SiS, banner held high and Xabre in hand. Vertex Shaders The software emulation of shaders is not bad, as usual. This overclocking is endorsed by Gainward and does not void your warranty. The problem here is mainly one of xarbe own chips: S-video cable, S-Video-Composite adapter.

It ruined my first computer. I haven’t since and never again will buy an OEM system!

The more competition, the more price warring. Which means that instead of video card reviews that consist of a card being judged against several geforces and a radeon or two, we will have Xabres and P10s and Matroxes in there too.

ECS AG SiS Xabre Videocard Review –

Since the tool is provided by Gainward and the overclocking is applied through the click of a buton I decided to tests the board using these speeds for all gianward benchmarks. Pretty nice bundle huh? We’ll have to wait and see how things work works out, but SiS is definitely taking the right steps in its driver design.


Look again at the realization of water in Game4.

Applications will have to be intelligent enough to recognize that the Xabre has pixel shaders but not vertex shaders. Sapphire Atlantis Radeon MB: Gainwards bundle leaves a pretty dull impression.

8x Budget Shootout

I try not to close any doors until I can judge something for myself. Maybe with a few more competitors in the mix a few more of us will be able to own a high end video card as a result. The S3TC technology was off. Sure on paper the Xabre was powerful in appearance, but how would it really perform in silicon?

This is the most expensive board in the roundup and as I stated in the introduction I basically put it here to show you what you can get if you open up your wallet a bit more.

I find it funny that not all boards used passive cooling, perhaps the measly NV34 chip generates more heat than one might think? We begin by having a look at the texture filtering quality of these boards when using trilinear filtering:.


All boards looks more or less identical gainwafd trilinear filtering. Hey, I am always open to new technology. The exhaust blows out the hot air from the inside of your case. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Judging by the picture you see below other cards will even grant control over voltage and fan speed settings, this board however just allows monitoring.

A driver-level vertex shader would also present opportunities for tweaking, extensive SIMD support, and the like. For those of you who are not familiar with Radeon it goes like this. At and the FX and Radeon boards are simply not delivering playable framerates.

P4i45GV R5.0

Find out the answers to these questions and more as 4000 take an in-depth look at SiS’s Xabre graphics chip. TechBubbel Podcast — We have tried avery driver and formatted the HD. This will certainly handicap performance a great deal. I had a buddy with one of thier cards and his fps were pretty sorry, even though it looked good.