This product is bundled as an initial manual or software and an additional subscription service that will update with revisions and will be sent to you after these revisions take place. I’ve seen a few threads on updating Jepp nav data, and the requirement for the Skybound Adapter in order to do so. Delivery Method Shippable Product. I experienced the same confusion with my plane. If you need to purchase more than one of the same coverages, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Okay well just got off of the phone with Jeppesen, very helpful in helping me get a better handle on updating my W.

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Post by abripl Post by John Doe Wow, what a scam. I have not found any competitive pressure on the price for a nav data subscription after Agrmin entered that market. How far away am I from the real facts???

Hi Mike, If you are going to get the databases only from Garmin you need the Garmin card reader. Features This card does NOT come preloaded with current data, you must garmij your existing NavData subscription to program it. Most likely due to my lack of experience with this product, I find the FlyGarmin update page confusing with all the references to Jeppesen database and Garmin databases.


The update will begin loading onto the GPS once you turn on the NavData subscription services and Garmin navigation cards are sold separately.

530W Updates – Need Two Adapters?

I fly low and just terrian inhibit, it’s not that accurate to start with. Joe Farrell, yeah, him.

Closed North and South America: All about this product. I don’t know which one is which. Is the catalog current?

John Doe Jan 15, Messages: For IFR get the jepp update, only need one adapter, the GNS series don’t know the difference between cards from box to box. Get answers for questions about our Jeppesen Distribution Manager. Purchase your Avionics subscriptions today. Closed North and South America: Delivery Method Shippable Product. First post, first plane Seems like a lot of hassle when I can get the full package from one vendor with one adapter. I don’t fly enough IFR to require a current database year skyybound and I’d like to just update it during certain times during the year.

See our privacy policy for more information. One of the only times Windows out performed a MAC. Both are expensive IMO for the basic government nav data. Post by Roy Page If I was correct, garmni the only cost to Jeppesen is the cost of the software to automatically reformat the nav data and a run for each new cycle.


• BT – Skybound II or the Garmin USB Aviation data card programmer?

Registration is free and it only takes a moment. We value your privacy and will not rent or sell your information. Online Courses Online Training Library. First thing on my mind though is the database in my GNSW.

W Updates – Need Two Adapters? | Pilots of America

As a side note, I have added my aircraft with equipment details to my FlyGarmin account. Now the new question, Is it worth the hassle and added cost to get the Jeppesen database over the Garmin?

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