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High sensitivity acquisition Power saving features Industrial Standard. UK RoyalTek retailer Jactron have provided us with a selection of five of their current product range and so we have taken this opportunity to produce a brief overview. No bad thing as the form factor is near perfect for an every day Bluetooth GPS receiver. If you were having problems with the GPS Receiver at specific intervals of your journey, you can play these back later and examine the GPS Stream that’s coming through to try and work out if it was a mapping problem or a weak satellite signal. Warm fixes were around the 30 second mark, with hot fixes at around 9 seconds.

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Downloading the data is very easy, and can be done by selecting the Download tab, change the mode to Download and Delete, select a filename to save to and whether to process data after download.

No bad thing as the form factor is near perfect for an every day Bluetooth GPS receiver. Products no longer on sale. A mains adapter is available as an optional extra.

Royaltek GPS

The BlueGPS comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery that supports up to 10 hours of use under optimum conditions and has yps improved life cycle of charges which gos around greater than previous Bluetooth GPS Receivers we have reviewed. One thing I did notice on playback it was lacking GPGSV information, which meant although you could see the satellite fix, you couldn’t get any other detail back about the strengths of each satellite signal.

Slowest TTFF from cold we experienced in our tests was 57 seconds with the fastest at 41 seconds, so it had no problem whatsoever performing on a cold startup. Here is an example from a recent trip into London:. It would be much friendlier if the internal memory mounted as a disk drive in royaptek same way as a USB memory key, then the log files could be easily extracted from any PC.


A quick visit to Royaltek’s web site however and I was armed with the USB driver and download software. In the box you get the receiver, removable battery a mAh Li-ion type12v charge cable and driver CD full sized CD, see later!

As always though, the vagaries of TMC reception here in the UK make it very much less use than it might otherwise be. Although not a full review of every device we have covered those that we think will be the most popular and relevant in detail. Labelled for deletion Royaltek.

Royaltem BlueGPS is unique as it it’s not just a GPS Receiver, but a data logger which will support more than 30, records for download, great for checking where you’ve been.

Warm fixes were around the 30 second mark, with hot fixes at around 9 seconds.

The is Windows Only so the first issue encountered was installing the driver and data download software. Mediatek or MTK as they are otherwise known rojaltek the new kids on the block a year or so ago but have become very much main stream now. You can also configure the logging interval and whether the memory is overwritten when full rpyaltek stops logging. With 64Mb of on-board Flash memory you can expect approximately two days of logging at 15sec intervals before the memory is filled.

RoyalTek GPS Receiver Group Test

In the meantime we should fix any pages linking to here. Close comparison shows the MTK option to be very slightly slower in signal acquisition and sensitivity but this is only apparent using measuring equipment, in real world use few users would notice any difference. This normally means the page title is a bad one, and the content has been moved somewhere better. All the receivers covered here are well made and of high quality construction.

Make a note as you’ll need to know this later!


RoyalTek RBT review

The only downside is its lack of Apple Mac support. You can also use it for heavy diagnostics. Once done click Riyaltek and you’re done. GPS receivers such as these are the workhorses, I have a dozen similar devices from different manufactures and performance wise there is little to differentiate them.

There are a few applications available currently that support such a solution, Destinator being one of them. There are a great many models of GPS receiver now available from a myriad of manufacturers but there are only perhaps four or five well known and respected manufacturers who have been in the market for many years and have earnt thier reputation for quality, Oryaltek is one of them.

The RGM has a magnetic base so that it can be attached to your car roof and a 1. If you’re using this for primarily in-car use, then having an in-car charger cable royaltke ideal for long trips where the battery may run out, but most people royaltk to use Bluetooth GPS Receivers for out walking, hiking, and cycling.

The Signal light will stay green when powered on, and flash when position is fixed. I found myself always wanting to charge it with mains like I do with all of my other gadgets and as it didn’t get roywltek because I didn’t have a mains lead, I always forgot to put it on charge in-car. Battery performance we found to be a little less than quoted, on average on a full charge we were rogaltek 7. The MBT has a large clip on the rear allowing it to be hung off a shirt pocket, shoulder strap etc and is about the size of a lipstick I don’t have any of my own so compared against Mrs G’s!