I went and took out the battery, did the switch thing and then reinstalled the software. Thank you for your reply. Thanks for your reply. I purchased the MyGuide today from Buygpsnow. I think we pretty much followed the same purchasing cycle ;.

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Holux GPSmile 60 hard reset

Battery life is a bit better on the Holux too. Also note that the firmware version will not be affected in any way, it will not be downgraded, it will remain the same you are using and if you have rooted your device, root privileges remain also unaffected.

What gives with gpskile Once you do this the program continues and you can then use it normally. Do you have an issue with OCN 5 having no text display of a route? I went and took out the battery, did the switch thing and then reinstalled the software.

Originally posted by paulkbiba Yes, I gave it a good review on the site. I don’t think Paul has used the Asus A so I’ll pitch in here, having used and tested both.

You can get it from buygpsnow. I have also heard of people being stopped because cops think a Nav is gspmile video screen which is definitely illegal.

Where do I get the activation key? If you need WiFi and Bluetooth, the Asus is certainly a choice to consider, if you don’t I’d go with the Holux G60 as it is lighter and has a self contained antenna the A has a wobbly external flip out antennaI also find WMSE more responsive over all.


So I figured out that if you minimized the storage area in RAM the install will tell you there is not enough room and let you pick another location.

After reading a review here gpsmmile the OCN 5, I am not quite sure if I understand the “activation scheme. Thanks for your input. Thank you for the information. Click on the setup. I don’t know how much room is left on the SD card with the seamless map and install on there but I would suggest 660 something like the following to maximize the free ram on your holux: Just check out the OCN forums and let me know if you have any questions.

When you tweak your Holux, do you do it on the Holux or do you connect it to your PC and use the active synch to do the tweaking?

When Gpsmilf started to use my Holux yesterday I was and still am having a problem intering a address. In my last posting I mistakenly wrote “gpsnow” when I meant to enter “buygpsnow.

You will get a prompt saying there is not enough space to install into RAM. The app gpsmle like memory especially if you are using the seamless map. When a screen appears, release the reset switch. Assuming I had a card now, could one just copy the Western Maps via “Clever Map” and autosych to this card and then switch out the 1 gb card that came with the Holux with the SD card with only the Western Maps of the US?


I purchased the MyGuide today from Buygpsnow. Release the Power buttons.

GpsPasSion Forums – Holux GPSmile 60 Pocket PC is GREAT

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the device. Once you do this you can also make a copy of your prefs. All in all not a bad deal since you would have to buy a SD card anyway. Install the app 5. The reason why I had to do this was that the installer no matter what I tried would not let me choose the location of the OCN5 install i.

I think we pretty much followed the same purchasing cycle. Assuming iGuidance runs on WM5 and I do not know this but I am sure someone here does you’d still have to buy that.

They said that this solution tends to bounce around a lot due to the weight of the PPC but I am sure that depends on your vent configuration and whether it has anything to rest against.