Boot the desired PC from this medium. Good points, agree with using Teracopy and using folders to separate data. The OS drive is about gigs takes 45 minutes to image and about 20 minutes to restore to a new drive if needed. If your computer refuses to boot or load Windows or if you are trying to restore an image to a partition the Reflect cannot lock See here , and then you will have to start your PC using a rescue More information. In case of individual disks, this function will determine their maximum speed.

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If C drive dies, or I replace it — I just clonezilla back from the image on d to c and maybe have to update flash If D drive dies, I replace it, and copy back from my externals etc.

It also allows to select only particular partitions of the medium to be stored. Furthermore, the new title bar 4fig.

My memory is ajust bit hazy on this point, but I think you should just be able to clone to the new SSD a second time, this time with the correct settings. Description of the program screens and popup windows. Dan said on May 27, at For detailed program information.

I tried every single fix, would get stuck on creating volume snapshot every time. They have a free version that they have go-slows in, but the paid versions are not all that much so I opted for those.


The best way to clone a hard drive (least time-consuming, error-prone) – gHacks Tech News

For instance, Addjust have all my photography stored on 4 old gb drives, can I buy a 2tb drive and split it into 4 partitions and backup the old ones? Make sure you adjust the size of the cloned partition in the next step. This allows you to copy entire operating system installations CJ Earner said on August 29, at 6: I believe that when you install Windows, it only installs the drivers required for hardware on that specific machine.

To check for more recent editions of this. This data cannot be reached any more via the usual file system mecha.

Images on hidden network shares: Graheem said on July 22, at 9: In Windows you can use copy-and-paste to insert path names in the HDClone input field. To check for more recent editions of this More information.

Don’t subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Windows Explorer can really bog down when listing and sorting the contents of folders that contain a huge number of top-level files i.

I couldn’t get Clonezilla to work properly in my environment. RottenScoundrel said on August 30, at 6: If you decide to do it anyway, have some sutures and bandages on hand. If you experience an issue, though, it can be solved in most cases by setting the options appropriately Options and Troubleshooting.


I have performed the cloning operation on a single computer with drive A running as the primary OS, and drive B as the destination drive. The SmartCopy function Cloning disks will also clone all data, but skips disk areas marked as free or unused.

Add startup script special editions only: The best adjuxt to clone a hard drive least time-consuming, error-prone by Martin Brinkmann on August 29, in Tutorials – 73 comments. Plan for an installation of Windows XP Professional. Different motherboard drivers will be required for the new hardware.


I knew acronis, norton ghost and clonezilla and I only had success with acronis:. Which would mean fragments, bad sectors, etc.

Follow the instructions and wait for the program reporting successful completion. HDClone is no longer recommended by me ndclone the bait and switch with the version 6 Professional edition self.